Tuesday, September 15

Vintage Linens...

I was in an antique shop along the Erie Canal & found a little flower linen.
It was crinkled up and browned... 
There was a 2nd one!!!!
(My little prayer was for just one more... just one more!)

As I searched the entire booth, under every blanket~
Between every table cloth and linen!
There were five!

With arms filled with various vintage treasures,
my heart skipped a beat over these!

After their gentle soak in mild laundry detergent & a dash of Oxy Clean
they were even more beautiful!

As I was pressing them the ideas were swirling in my mind!!
Should I draw top views of frogs on them (lily pads?)
Should I draw five different flowers with their botanical names?
Should I draw butterflies on them?
Should I pattern them?

Some of my favorite quotes & fuzzy bees kept coming to my heart!

These are on their way home to Nevada!
A dear heart who LOVES BEES will give them the love they deserve~

Hope your September has been off to a great start!


Suz said...

Don't you just love when that happens. Love them lucky bee lover

Becky said...

Michelle, are these little nuggets for sale? I can see myself making a table cloth quilt of them for my daughter who is knee deep now into bee keeping. Please let me know. Thank you.....these are just lovely.

Michelle Palmer said...

Sweet Friend, they are on their way to Nevada~ a gal who shares a huge heart for bees. <3 If I find more... or something similar I will contact you :)

Terra said...


Createology said...

Your drawings added to vintage linens is pure Creative Bliss...