Saturday, September 26

Punch needle sunflower~

~The Sunflower~
My latest punch needle project!

My first sketches have a large star in the center of the sunflower~
As I started adding details to the petals the star seemed too prim.
This seed area is more fitting.
You will see my beginning sketch below~

I think of my punch needle works as 'painting with strings'
Same amount of detail as a watercolor painting... only with fibers!

Blue and yellow~
My most favorite pairing!

Here you can see the large star I had sketched from the beginning...

After hanging laundry on the line I walked around the bird feeders
to see if there were any feathers~
A little bit of blue!

A kiss of sunshine!

First colors being added...
Had I kept the petals simple yellow/gold~ I would have been able
to use the initial sketch with the star center.
Perhaps I will try it next time!

So many color variations~
A true palette of beauty!


Brynwood Needleworks said...

Heavenly! I'm so excited to see your process for this piece. Thank you for sharing, Michelle. I love it!

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

What a beautiful piece! I'm your newest follower. I hopped over from Polohouse's blog and so glad I did.

Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...


Createology said...

Stunning and sew beautifully hand crafted. Thank you for sharing your Creative Bliss...

DebS said...

It is stunning and the colors are fabulous!

Michelle Palmer said...

Thank you, Sweet Friends! So nice to meet you, Rivercrest Cottage <3