Thursday, May 30

Teddy bear charms...

Just finished making a small collection of teddy bear charms~
Ladybug theme!

Our White Spirea is covered in Aphids so Ladybugs are on my mind...
A village of Ladybugs would be wonderful!

These little charms take on a different style & feel depending on 
the chain/string/rope that runs through them!

The white rope~

Elegant red faux leather~

"Earthy" green twine...

This little one with the black cording is a GIVEAWAY
on my Facebook page! I just adore tiny little treasures~
LOVE that so many of you still read my posts & comment here, too!
I will have another blog giveaway soon~
Come on over & leave a comment on Facebook!

If you hold still too long in our house I'm apt to add art to you...

Hope you're having a wonderful, creative day!
Special prayers for all in the storm-zones... always!

Wednesday, May 29

Little Journals...

Little journals to bring along & record your bird-watching adventures!

Little journals to sketch the latest clothing styles & trends...

Little journals to keep track of how many jars of strawberry jam you made!

Little journals to record how many eggs were in the nest & when they flew~

Little journals to record creative ideas... sketches & breakthroughs!

Little journals to keep names & numbers in~
Good bye little black book
Hello craft journal with original, one of a kind, creative, fun,
Original pen & ink illustrations!

In my Etsy store now, Sweet Friends!
Thank you for ALL of your wonderfully kind comments~
You make me smile!

Fabric Illustrations!!!

This little bee looks soggy from our stormy weather!

A new collection of treasures ready to list in my 1st Etsy shop!
Oodles of soft tea-stained muslin pieces~

Momma Fox has been bringing her little cubs to our yard~
My pup sure has fun on morning walks!
Bunny... wait! No! Fox! Wait!!! Chipmunks... so much to sniff!!!

Honey bear... a sweet little honey~

Ready for the shore!

I could just hug our bright & fuzzy bumble bees! 
Welcome back, sweet friends!

We have Cicadas every summer... they love to cling to the front
Maple trees as they emerge from their shells~
Somewhere on my blog I have oodles of photographs... Amazing!

Group photos!

Whooooo's so dear in their collars?

The egg-cellent collections that make the sweetest bird collages!

A little bit of this...

A little bit of that!
Something for everyone & MORE coming soon!!

Can you tell I'm looking forward to strawberry picking?
Mmmmm fresh strawberry-banana smoothies...

Hope your Wednesday is filled with joy!
~Keeping everyone in the storm paths tight in my prayers~

Tuesday, May 28

Art licensing from Teresa Kogut...

(Photograph from Teresa's website)

I have been licensing my art illustrations for over ten years~
Learning something new everyday!

Teresa Kogut is an amazing artist & friend~
She has written & shared several articles to inform & guide.
Please stop by her website to see her beautiful artwork & say hello!

(Teresa Kogut, artist... photograph from her website)

Hope your Tuesday is off to a great start!

Monday, May 27

Memorial Day~

~God Bless America~

Forever thankful & grateful to all who have sacrificed for
Our lives, our liberties & our land~ 

Remembering you on Memorial Day & everyday!

Sunday, May 26

Eastern Bluebird~

The first three Eastern Bluebird fledglings have left the nest!

We had to add a new roof to their little weathered house mid-way...
They were happy to stay dry & safe from predators!
More brilliant blue friends to watch for!

Hope your Sunday is filled with sweet miracles, too~

Saturday, May 25

American Robin babies in watercolor

"American Robin"
Copyright Michelle L. Palmer

Just put the finishing touches on our little feathered friends!
They will fly away to the printer this week & we will have prints soon~

Hope your weekend is off to a wonderful start!

Friday, May 24

American Robin Babies!

"American Robin" is almost finished!
The babies are thrilled to finally have their feathers~

Little by little... layer by layer...
In watercolor I paint light to dark, building & shaping.
A few finishing touches & then we're off to the printer!

Hope your Friday is off to a great start!

Thursday, May 23

American Robin...

I love to sketch~
Instead of sitting down to read a good book... I sketch!
While I wait at appointments or wait to pick up family... I sketch!

I LOVE to add color!

White petals & white paper... 
Adding a soft wash to push the background back~

When I would roam about as a child I always had string in my pocket.
Someday I will share the many things I did with my string!

Pencil details~

Our baby Robins have been watching the flowers take shape.
Patiently waiting~
They're very excited to be getting color soon!

Thank you for stopping by!
Hope you're having a wonderful day~

Wednesday, May 22

Bunny in the Esty what'll I do?

Bunny in the Etsy what'll I do?
Bunny in the Etsy what'll I do?
Bunny in the Etsy what'll I do?
Skip to my Lou, my darlin'

I've shared with you that I get a song in my head when I'm painting...
It typically has NOTHING to do with the theme or characters~
There you have it. Skip to my Lou for my new print!
Just back from the city and listed this little guy in my 2nd Etsy store!

We could name the bunny "Lou" and then I wouldn't seem as odd!!
Hope you're having a great day, Sweet Friends!

Monday, May 20

American's Heartland~

~Praying for America's Heartland~

American Robin

I just can't let another Spring pass by without adding an
American Robin design to my watercolor collection!
They are the first feathered friends to return to us in the Springtime~ 
Happy, bouncing & singing their cheery songs!

This nest is several years old... it stays protected beneath a class cloche~

Oodles of photographs from 2003 when momma & her brood were
next to our front door in the climbing Ivy! Wonderful reference material~
We had to prop the nest & Ivy as they began getting "chubby!"

My favorite reading~

Can never have enough bird books!
My favorites are  from 1917, 1911, 1951 and 1897!!
I am gentle with them as they have been  WELL LOVED by others~
They share such sweet details about behavior & personality.
Old books talk to me about birds instead of listing "stats" like a ballplayer card.

I find the rare books at library book sales, antique shops & thrift stores.
How thrilled I am that people have preserved them for years!

Hope your week is off to a creative start!

Sunday, May 19

Giveaway winner!!

The name is being pulled from the hat.........
and the winner is...........

from Winding Vine Wanderings!
Congratulations Patti!
Thank you for so many wonderful comments &
I hope you will visit her wonderful blog!

Hope you have a wonderful week, Sweet Friends!
I have started a new watercolor & will share pictures tomorrow~

Thursday, May 16

Giveaway & New Fabric Sketches!

New little friends in my 1st Etsy Shop!
Our feathered friends keep close to me when I'm fussing in the gardens~

She has to wear a hat like me!
Looks much sweeter on her~ (giggle!)

Off to the garden to plant!

With a little tip of the head~ "Hello, Dear Friend!"

All dressed up & teddy love is close by...

Sailing~ sailing~

Our daughter had a little strawberry outfit!
Didn't have leaves around the collar... but the bottom ballooned out~
It was bright red with little white tear drop polka dots!

Be sure to comment on my previous post for a chance to win
one of my "Earth Day Garden" prints~

Thank you for stopping by & sharing your day with me!