Tuesday, May 24

Reference material...

Hello friends!
Many things have kept me from saying hello and adding
new treasures to my Etsy shop~
I've tried to stop by and see what you have been up to!

My blog wouldn't allow me to sign in for several days~
We have that resolved and I can post about my latest
reference photographs!
I will share my finished designs once Copyrights are filed~

I have oodles of botanical books...
Late 1800's illustrations through present day~
There is nothing like gathering your own photos!

This common Dandelion was a wonderful model...
I need to find several seed heads to complete my series!
I don't have to search too far~
They LOVE to pop up in my flower beds...
Peering taller and bolder than the rest!

This spring I have added several studies to my collection...
With so much rain and growing family needs I have had to
take extensive notes, sketches and photographs for "someday."

No matter how careful, I break the root...
I'm convinced weeds grow to the center of our Earth!

Praying for all of you through these violent storms~
Sending love... You are not alone...

Monday, May 9

All the Buzzzzz...

Our flower gardens are all a'buzzzz!
We have had a few days of sunshine~ colors are popping!

I drew these a few weeks ago...
Finally a few minutes to take pictures and list them in

Our Lilac trees are loaded with blossoms!
They're all simply waiting for a few days
of warmer temperatures to spring open!
The bees drift by them, pause a bit, making note
of where they'll need to return to next week!

I have tried to move a few clumps of our
English LAWN daisies~ back into a garden scape.
They keep the Wild LAWN Violets and Grape LAWN Hyacinths
company until the lawn mower needs to tame the area.

Gardening with no boundaries...
There are more blossoms in the grass then in my garden beds!
Confuses my pup as to where her potty boundaries
start and stop (giggles)

Hope your week is off to a wonderful start!

Wednesday, May 4

Around the studio...

Favorite little things fill studio shelves...
I found a tidy spot to share!

My mom tucked $25 in my birthday card.
When I receive "cash" I try to purchase something
special... often it is spent on a needful item.

I hit the perfect shelf in a local antique shop!
Old botanical books, nature books...
Flower reference books...

With so much rain this is a bit of a tease!
I designed book plates that I glue in with ph safe products...

I make little notes on the plate~
The year I added it to my collection, who it is from...
Where I found it~

Hope your day is perfect!

Tuesday, May 3

Don't let the grass grow...

This past week was filled with joy, tears, uncertainty
A little sunshine... a lot more rain...
Violent storms have torn through many American lives.
We're praying for you!
We're praying for miracles!

A bright, talented and kind young man perished in a
house fire... he was 16... we heard the news Easter morning.
Almost 18 and Adorable 15 were numb...
Hubby and I have listened, talked, hugged, cried...
We are all blessed to have known him~
He lived each day!
He didn't let grass grow under his feet...

He was the early bird that got the worm...

We attended a memorial service to celebrate
the life of my husbands grandmother.
She loved to travel... the Red Hats... playing cards...
Family and friends... Forget-me-nots...
Oh! the full-life she lived~
Dearest Evy did not let grass grow under her feet!

I have fallen behind on a few very special orders...
Exciting collections are waiting for finishing touches...
My schedule is written in ink...
There have not been enough hours.
One day at a time~

I haven't been letting the grass grow under my feet...
They simply don't have time to touch the ground!

 There was a very special celebration early Friday morn.
With a stretch and a yawn I cut a piece of
left-over birthday cake... sat with a hot cup of tea~
Shared with the world... A Royal Wedding!
Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!

I hope your week is filled with joy and love~