Thursday, February 25

Punch needle Carrot Patch Rabbit and Lilac~

"Carrot Patch Rabbit" copyright 2016 Michelle L. Palmer

Hope your week has been going great, Friends!
I've been having working on a punch needle botanical collection.
Lilac is the first pattern I wrote from my designs. 
Twenty different flowers~ I am itching to garden!
Bunnies seem to be hopping around the studio... the kitchen table...
In hoops, on linens...

"Lilac" copyright 2016 Michelle L. Palmer

Some of these storms have been fierce~
Keeping all of you tight in prayer...

Monday, February 15

Presidents Day~

We're all dressed up to honor them!
A little extra fluffy so we stay cozy warm~

Hope your week is off to a great start!

Saturday, February 13

Flow Blue Punch Needle Heart

"Flow Blue Valentine" Copyright 2016 Michelle L. Palmer
It had to be blue~
How I LOVE vintage flow blue!
The fourth of my Valentine hearts.
How much fun I have with punch needle!

If you punch and would like the pattern,
I have added it to my Etsy shop with the other three.
A new collection for Springtime is in the works...
I will begin sharing them soon <3 p="">

Wishing your heart happiness~
On Valentine's Day & every day!

Tuesday, February 9

Field mice friends~

We are expecting a cold snap with snow~
(Winter is going to behave like winter for the next few days!)
It is rare for us to see mice skittering around in February! 

I think they have enjoyed our mild weather~
Baking seed muffins...

Mini treats to share with neighbors~

Hand crafting hearts for Valentines!

Meeting new friends around the neighborhood~

Hope you're having a wonderful week &
I hope the mice are staying in the fields!

Monday, February 8

Punch needle Bees in the Clover

"Bees in the Clover" copyright 2016 Michelle L. Palmer
'Heart of Gold'
February is for hearts and my heart is longing for the garden!
We are just weeks away from the humming of busy bees~
Lawns with clover patches...

Mmmmm... I can smell the sweet blossoms now!

Hope your week is off to a great start, Sweet Friends!

Friday, February 5

Whale punch needle pattern

"Down by the Sea" copyright Michelle L. Palmer
~The heart of the sea~
February is for hearts!

~Pattern available in my Etsy shop~

Hope your weekend is filled with creative, Sweet Friends!

Wednesday, February 3

Punch needle pattern now available!

With the help of my daughter and two very dear friends~
My first punch needle pattern is listed!
"Valentine Wren" is available in my Etsy shop~
It is a digital pattern.
I hope to add more fiber fun in the next few days!

Thank you for asking, encouraging, cheering and your patience!

Hope you're having a wonderful week, Sweet Friends~

Tuesday, February 2

Punch Needle Valentine Wren

"Valentine Wren"
She always carries a beautiful song in her heart~

Hope your February is off to a wonderful start, Sweet Friends!
Wishing your heart happiness & joy~

This is the DMC floss that I used for the scallops & wren.
DMC 115 I purchased it at Hobby Lobby last week.
Like all of my other punch needle pieces... I do hope to have patterns soon.