Friday, June 29

Original Watercolor Paintings...

Wee little watercolor paintings for the sweetest of frames!

I began working on a collection of thirty shells several weeks ago.
Some are the size of postage stamps~

Today I am finishing these little treasures~

So that I can begin painting all of the beautiful little blossoms
popping up along country roads...

Our thoughts, prayers and best wishes are with so many~
Flooding, fires... heat and strong storms.
Please be safe, Sweet Friends!

Tuesday, June 26

From my garden...

Even our gardens were celebrating Alaina!
In full bloom... all at the same time~

The sky was beautiful last night...
Streaks of this orange-sherbet color warmed the sunset.

Many blossoms are three weeks ahead of schedule~
The weather has made this garden season
a complete surprise!

I planted annual and perennial seeds late...
Perhaps it will work out nicely as some of our fall blossoms
will be opening in a couple weeks! We typically enjoy our
Black Eyed Susan's in mid to late August~
Some will open next week!
When we see Black Eyed Susan's blossoms...
It's typically back to school time~
(Shhhh... they JUST started summer vacation!)

More watercolor paintings of flowers coming this week!
My studio is clean and I have missed my paints~

Hope your day is filled with sunny, brilliant blossoms!

Sunday, June 24

Graduation Day...

That moment when you're watching your baby-child
take their first steps...
The excitement and butterflies!
Multiply the joy when you watch them take their new first steps~

Our sweet Alaina graduated from high school this week!
Years filled with honors, awards... leadership... friendships...
My little artist will begin college for Graphic Design this fall.
Her art and style... vision and creativity... AMAZE me!
We pray she finds the perfect niche~ 
A career that will bring her happiness, security and contentment.

The big day has passed...
Her party was a wonderful celebration.
I think it will take a few weeks to sink in...
For now, I'm catching my breath.
Enjoying the moments...
Celebrating beautiful Alaina~ God's blessing!

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday afternoon~

Saturday, June 9

Bees, Bunnies and Bears...

"I know what you have!" 
Says the little bumble bee...

"I'll go where you go!"
Says the little snail...

"You have honey on your paws!"
Says the little honey bee...

"It's too early for bed!"
Pleads the little bunny in his night shirt...

"Good night moon~ sleep tight..."
"Tomorrow is a busy day!"

Hope your weekend is off to a great start!
I have been working on deadlines most of the day and
most nights~ but took a little break to add some treasures
to my etsy store! Our yard is bouncing with bunnies...
Flowers are brimming bumble bees...
I added a few teddy bears~
Just because they  make me smile!

Gonna whistle while I work... in my studio this weekend~
Hope your weekend is perfect!

Friday, June 1

Vintage Baby Dresses...

I think I depleted our local supply of vintage baby dresses...
(at least the ones in my price range for drawing on)

Guess where these beautiful treasures are from?


Our Arizona family took us to galleries, National Parks...

I have oodles of beautiful little dresses to make for my Etsy!

This one is a little romper~

Each one more beautiful...
Some are loved a little more~ showing their age...

My first baby is graduating from high school in a few short weeks...

I remember her soft little hands making a fist...
...until they were inside a sleeve!
Maybe I should have dressed dolls a bit more!

A Sweet Friend sent two vintage dresses to me~
I drew her ideas in pen & ink on them...
Sent them home to her and she shared that she wished
they made these little dresses, with art, for adults!
~Made me smile~

I lightly soaked them yesterday.
Just to take the dust off~
I love the vintage color, light spotting etc.~ adds character!

I'm finishing up a collection of deadlines~
I hope to play! Play! PLAY! This weekend!
Hope your weekend is filled with creative fun~