Tuesday, April 30

Watercolor blue...

Our flowers were dancing in the rain last night...
A perfect way to illustrate a new color to my palette!
Manganese Blue Hue
M. Graham & Co.

"Glazing" ~ thin, transparent washes or details applied to dry washes.
I added a little zigzag my raindrop~

This little dish from a child's tea set~
The perfect addition to my palette!

No blue wishes!
Hope your day is bright and cheery~

Monday, April 29

Cotton candy blossoms~

No words to describe the beauty...
Just have to share!

A walk through the village~
Little puffs of soft pink spotting the landscape.

The day is overcast~ trying to outrun the rain & winds!

I felt like a bee hovering...
Each little blossom more beautiful than the last!

Spring blessings~

Friday, April 26

Earth Day Watercolor

My Earth Day inspired watercolor!
I had promised to share pictures of my finished painting~

Years ago I painted "bits n' pieces" watercolors like this~
They didn't license, so I stopped designing them & changed direction.

They're such fun!

I'm hoping to work on a new one each week & show you my progress...
A sweet plan because I can do "little bits at a time."
Easier on my eyes~

"Building" my Lilac~
Pup and I took a walk this morning & our Lilac trees are LOADED!!
(A mix of blues, lavenders, pinks and purples)

Last Spring's weather left us with one or two blossoms...
(The blossoms that have not opened yet are deeper in color)

They are going to be grand this season~
I will share photographs!
(Adding some green "behind" the flower petals...)

There is no rhyme nor reason to what I paint first...
I'm constantly slipping my hand into wet spots!
(I sketch the type in as faint as possible, paint my first layer over top)

My eyes need a little help from a friend~
This giant hand-held magnifier is WONDERFUL!

Made-up egg tones...
I know that somewhere in our world there is a bird to match each one!

I started my watercolor journey in 1987.
To all who have tried it, you know it is an immediate LOVE~
or very strong dislike.
I love it because it doesn't have an odor.
I love it because there is very little waste.
As a senior in high school, just beginning college~ I needed economical.
Today, if I need to walk away from a piece to tend to family & home...
A little touch of water & I'm back to where I left off.

I read every how-to-watercolor book.
Went through piles... MOUNDS of paper!
Pulled some of my hair out.
Threw a few brushes.
Ripped up a lot of art.
Fell completely in love along the way.

Our gardens are coming alive again!
Hearty Peonies...

Dew is covering every leaf this morning!
The silver shine on the lawn is finally not frozen~

You know their smiling!

Each with a promise~
To be simply beautiful!

Hope your Friday is off to a wonderful start~
Thank you for visiting my blog and for EVERY sweet comment!

Tuesday, April 23

Antique & Vintage Linens

While Alaina and hubby were watching a suspense-filled movie
the other night... I was trying to busy myself!

Chipper little friends to distract me from the dramatic music!
I get them back... I blurt out, "Something's going to jump out!!!"
At the most tense moments~

I like to peek every now & then~ for all the good stuff!
Costumes, settings, furniture...

More of the antique/vintage linens I had washed, pressed & put away~
I mean, lost!

Mice in the strawberry fields...
Birds with just the right hats...
Bunnies with frilly collars!

Teddy loves~
A bride and groom... 

These little friends and more are in my Etsy shop~

Thank you for your sweet comments and stopping by!
Sweet Dreams~

Monday, April 22

Earth Day watercolor...

It was a beautiful, sun-filled day... too cold to play outside!

So I played indoors!!

"To the artist there is never anything ugly in nature"
Auguste Rodin

Seemed to be the perfect quote for Earth Day~

Gardening from indoors!

Painted Lady adding a nice "pop!" of orange~

I ran out of natural light...
Promise to post more photographs as I finish~

Earth Day around the world...
Hope your day has been filled with creative goodness!

Sunday, April 21

Needle felted bunnies in the garden...

Every bunny enjoys a tour through the gardens...

Even wool friends~
Little Lavender is catching some shade!

The delicious scents of Springtime~

The over-night "dusting" has melted and winds have calmed~
Bees are humming around the Pussy Willows...

There is great attention around the Dandelion~

Though most of our blossoms have been tossed around by
the strong winds... they're beautiful all the same!
Hope your day is sunny and calm~

Thursday, April 18

Quilt label art~

I have been spring cleaning~
The biggest trouble with cleaning...
I always become distracted with lost treasures!!!

I "unearthed" oodles of vintage linens that I had washed & pressed!
(Put away where I KNEW they would be!) 

Once I had these all sketched and ready to add to my Etsy store~
I lost them AGAIN!
Further proof of how easily I become distracted around my studio...

My studio is small and cozy...
It should not become cluttered overnight~
Pretty sure my little friends play while I sleep!

Don't these two friends look a little guilty of mischief?

Here's to another day of sorting!
Wishing you joy~

Wednesday, April 17

Lawn Violets...

This little heart of mine~
LOVE the golden heart inside this sweet Violet!

Peonies are popping up around this purple clump...

They can't decide which way the sun is coming up!

First little peeks of Spring~
My studio is full of white and purple...

I spotted a bunny friend...
I know what they LOVE to snack on!

Hope your day is wonderful~