Wednesday, November 11

Veterans Day

 Thank you for your service, your strength, your commitment~

We are forever grateful!


Wednesday, November 4

The sun streaming in today.
The trees are glowing, leaves are dressed in brilliant yellow! 
Our son has moved into his first apartment~
He is very happy & we're so very excited for him.
His bedroom has become another leg of my studio.

 My favorite fabrics, mostly used for slow stitching...
Some patches add a little color & interest to my pinkeeps.
No longer on a top shelve... now they're a tease!
"Stop working for just a few minutes~ sit down & stitch awhile'

I painted the ceiling the same color as the walls~
Convivial yellow by Sherwin Williams.
The room is so cozy!

Next sunny day I'll share another peek~
Hope your November is off to a great start!