Tuesday, December 30

Artist to Artist Interview by Diane Knott...

My dear friend & FANTASTIC artist...
Diane Knott
Interviewed me on her blog!
Please click on her name to read the interview.
If you peek in her older posts she has
interviewed several wonderful artists~

I'm sure her blog will become
one of your favorites!

Pampered Puppy...

Dashing in for a treat!
Wags n' bum wiggles for Grandma & Grandpa!

Something cozy for kitty paws & check out
this FANTASTIC elevated feeder for my pup!

She won't look at me here
because I put her in a stay position!
pout. pout.
Mum and her #$%&@#$ camera!!!

"I've had it...got my treat...want a nap."

This is going to help her eat.
The meds that they have her on for
her hips & back are working fantastic.
We knew when we adopted her that she had
some physical issues brewing~
She will be 7 in March!

Such a sweetie~

Monday, December 29

Spoiled Kitties...

I've shared before that our kitties
own this place...
Notice the tree skirt has been put away~
That was a wrestling mat for them!

Grandma has gone and spoiled them again!

Last Christmas she made them two beds
that they LOVE...LOVE...LOVE!
Sweet scents of catnip tucked inside...

This fall~
The bench was relocated to "the bird windows!"
They had their perch taken away because
Miss Maddie would not
keep her nails out of the curtains.

The bench has become a favorite rest spot
for the three of them...

Look at their sweet new bed!

Sorry to be blurry...the cats will not hold still
long enough for a story to be kept!

Sunday, December 28

Gifts Given...

Needle Felted
Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Copyright Michelle Palmer

Now that we have shared our gifts~
I can share a peek with you!

My father-in-law dearly loves these sweet pups...
So after several hours of pushing, pulling, adding~
This was one of his Christmas gifts from us.

Little leather collar...tag reads, "Made with Love"

Bunny Pin Cushion
Copyright Michelle Palmer

For my sister-in-law...
She loves fairies~ maybe next year I'll try one!

Wool n' Roses
Copyright Michelle Palmer

For my mother-in-law...
this is the pattern on her fine china.

We have been thinking about an Etsy store...
Little felted friends, art prints...oh the possibilities!

Hope you have a wonderful, relaxing Sunday~

Wednesday, December 24

Like Any Nut...

Like a nut...I went out today!
I had forgotten ONE ingredient...

I stopped at my favorite junk place~

Or did I forget the ingredient so I could
go to my favorite junk place~ one more time?

Found these vintage greens...
They're plastic, which I usually don't care for~
These are from the inside of old ornaments.
$.35 for all!
We had a set like these when I was a kid.

I'll save the ornament shell for a fun project...
I have been searching for a little something
to put in my windowsill glasses~
These look sweet!

Wonder how long it will take the
three DARLING kittens to find them?
I say that with LOVE in my voice...tee hee!!!!!

Monday, December 22

Portrait Traditions...

My 1st Christmas portrait...

I LOVE to receive Christmas cards with
portraits & snapshots tucked inside...
Our refrigerator looks like a scrapbook!

We haven't put photos of our children
in our cards the past few years...
Sometimes we design a letter that has
a few snapshots of them~

Hubby, Kids & I started a new tradition
four or five years ago~
We send Valentine cards to elderly
friends and family...or those who are
alone for one reason or another,
with a snapshot of the kids inside~
(Sometimes we get daring & share a pic
with the kids, hubby & I...tee hee)

Our Valentine list is 90-100 people
shorter than our Christmas list.
So we try to make home made cards...
We all sign them & write a favorite memory.

Never really heard from folks if they
liked the Christmas photos that were so costly...
We almost ALWAYS get a
phone call, hug or sweet note after
Valentine's Day~
The cards make their day!
For many of them,
it's the only Valentine they receive.

This Christmas season seemed to
come up fast on a lot of us this year!
If you didn't get cards out...
Send one on Valentine's Day~
It will be a VERY SWEET surprise!

Sunday, December 21

Something's There!

This is how we spend most of our winter walks.
How does she not get snow up her nose?

I'll make a path Momma!
You just keep up~

Something's in there, too!

Something...something! Awwh! Lost it!

Shaking the snow off...

Begging for a treat!

We're enjoying these winter blasts!
Up to 14" now...another 8-10" expected today...

We can do more than dream of a white Christmas~

Friday, December 19

Make The Old, New Again...

Inexpensive stockings for a garland...

Found these old metal ornaments
at a thrift shop for $.15 each

Some felt stockings on sale from JoAnn's

When choosing the metal pieces~
Make sure you will be able to recognize
the design/shape once they are all one color
without the etching details.

This paint from Plaid is very thick and covers well.
Outdoor Opaque

One or two coats...

After the white paint is completely dry,
Spray will clear sealer & let dry.

Add a coat of thin glue...
Thick glues might fill in the fine details~
Sprinkle with a favorite glitter.
I like glitter dust for projects like these.

Don't they look like new?

They look pretty as ornaments...
Very pretty package toppers...
Hanging in the windows with fishing line...
(Our cats think so, too!)
(Pretty sure all three furry friends
have made Santa's naughty list!)

I put the ornaments on the red stockings.
I'll stitch them on & make a swag~
Maybe add a page of music or
tuck a vintage postcard inside the stocking.

We're up to 8" in this winter blast...
It is so pretty outside!

Thursday, December 18

Kids Christmas Five...

Christmas Tags
from Recycled Christmas Cards!

This card with these little snowmen in a row
is perfect for this craft punch!

Sometimes, near the end of the season~
Christmas cards are put on clearance...
Always 50-70% off Dec. 26th

It's so much fun to find bargains and
think about craft projects for
Christmas 2009!

Full size card fronts...

With some inexpensive decorative scissors...

Tag size fun!

Dress 'em up with a few rubber stamps,
Glitter, ribbons, punches...buttons, brads!!!

These were all snowman themed...
After Christmas we put away the
ornaments and Santa type decor~
and bring out the Snowmen!

These could be used a third time by making
them into a swag with snowflakes in between!
Hang it from the mantle...
Hang it between a door frame...
Hang it corner to corner on an old cupboard!

Hope you have fun~

And More Tags...

This was a photocopy transfer...
Handwritten note with rubber stamp details~

Photocopy transfer of the little boy...
Rubber stamps of sugar goodies...and GLITTER!

Tag to the far right is clip art with
tone on tone words rubber stamped to create
a background texture~

Photocopy transfers, handwriting misc. words,
rubber stamp words and clip art.

The deer...
Scrapbook paper w/white rubber stamp ink.
White gel pen to write with...

Michigan map & glitter in the water!

December 25...
Scrapbook paper & rubber stamps

Tissue paper with rubber stamps~

Photocopy transfers & clip art.

Even the tiny rubber stamps that you find
at a dollar store or in the bargain bins at
craft stores can make beautiful
background repeats...(girl on rocking horse)

A page of music & rubber stamps...more GLITTER!

I promise to move onto something new!
Hope you make a few!

These will be great in scrapbook pages
after their jobs are finished as package labels!