Monday, February 24

Needle Felted Rabbits!

... and sheep!
I always have to play with curls when I needle felt~
They are so much fun!

Pretty bunnies dressed in sky blue...

Little bunnies wearing 'Springtime' greens!

Plums, purples & blacks remind me of a starry night sky...

So pretty in pink!

Sunny and sweet!

Baa! Baa! Black sheep...

"Hey! You're not a sheep!"

Dressed in their finest~ they're off to the Bunny Hop!
Bounce! Bounce! Bounce!

Hope your week is off to a great start...
with a little 'hop' in your step!

Thursday, February 20

Pocket full of sunshine!

Wouldn't it be fun to carry a bird in your pocket?

(perhaps we could outfit them with little diapers)

Forget Me Nots...
Always a piece of love tucked in~

Polka dots and bows...

Ruffles and powder blue...


Hope your day is filled with little surprises & joy!

Sunday, February 16

Rainbow of love~

Good Morning, Friends!
Hope everyone has had their power restored...
A weekend to clean up limbs and push snow piles~

Rainbows to brighten the day!

A sweet mom requested one of my pen & ink treasures with a
rainbow across the top... what fun!
I have added touches of color in the past to bumble bee bellies...
Bright red to plump, juicy strawberries that mice have gathered~
Sky blue to tiny little forget me not bouquets...

These rainbows were great fun!

I made a few extras to share as gifts and added some to my Etsy shop~

Wishing your heart joy, Sweet Friends~

Friday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wishing you a day filled with LOVE!

Found this treasure in my vintage collection~
This little cook looks a lot like Shirley Temple!
Shirley touched so many hearts in such a loving way~

Have a great day!

Thursday, February 13

Vintage linens & thank you~

The beauty of vintage linens~
They can be torn, tattered... stained... worn with love...
and STILL be gorgeous!

I find them in antique shops... thrift shops...
Sad to see mounds of yellowing history just sitting.
I bring them home, share a tubby with them & add one of my 
original pen & ink illustrations!

Made new again~

Don't chubby little cheeks make you smile?

These little prince & princesses are in my Etsy shop~
They remind me of Valentines!

Thank you for your friendship, support, encouragement and comments
to my previous post~ I responded below all of your notes.
Far too many of us deal with theft & infringement~
I'm so thankful we don't let them stop us!
They will eventually be stopped.

Praying all of you are safe through this very powerful storm!
Hope the ice melts soon~
Please be safe, Dear Friends!

Tuesday, February 11

Copyright Infringment

The woman on Etsy that copied my title & description listings has now infringed directly on my artwork. She copied my original bunny design. ((also owls & birds)) She has drawn a rabbit that looks nearly exact to mine. That is COPYRIGHT infringement. She is breaking copyright laws. PLEASE look for the ribbon across my work that reads, 'Copyright Michelle L. Palmer" when purchasing from Etsy. All of my designs have this ribbon. You can add MY original illustrations in your quilts, sewing projects, etc. as original works of art. I would never copy another artist--- what you purchase from me is one of a kind & safe to add to your projects. It is not legal for this designs to be duplicated. That is stealing.
This breaks my heart.
This woman is trying to fool people into purchasing her art...

I'm sorry to bother you with this. It is a legal matter that is being reported...
I feel it is important to make you aware. 
Thank you for your kindness & support... I will continue to bring new treasures to my shop.

I have been drawing these same little loves for many years...
They are from my heart~

The infringer has copied very closely... as to confuse the buyer.
My birds, my owls and now my bunnies.

I can't imagine waking up and thinking,
"I'm not going to be creative today..."
"Instead---- I'm going to copy Michelle's artwork!"

Can you imagine?
I wouldn't be able to hold the pen!!!

I am sorry this is happening...
How I love my blog to always be cheery and uplifting!

This infringer doesn't get me down...
I will not stop being creative!
I will always have a song in my heart~

Please watch for my copyright ribbon when you're purchasing.
If you're looking for a Michelle L. Palmer original~
They will continue to be there!
This matter has been reported.

Hugs to each of you~
Thank you for your time~

Sunday, February 9

Needle Felted Elephants~

My name is Forest~
I love to romp through the forest... gathering toadstools & wild strawberries!

My name is Cherry!
I don't blush easily... I love to snack 'neath the sweet cherry trees~

My name is Sparrow~
I like to watch songbirds fly around... they have the sweetest voices!

Hello! I'm Melody!
I always have a song in my heart~

My name is Daisy!
I love to carry daisies in my trunk & bumble bees follow where I go~

I'm bashful... my name is Sky~
My wee little charm is a gold-tone star.
I love to gaze at the stars in the midnight sky!

My name is Honey!
I'm as sweet as honey~

Hope you have a wonderful week, Sweet Friends!

Saturday, February 8

Tiny, fluffy... feathers~

Long, cold winter days...
My heart anticipates Springtime!

With heavy socks, slippers, fuzzy layers...
Two plush throws~ I am warming up from cleaning the driveway.

Spring is nearing... these little loves have promised!

Sharing a little love...

They're looking forward to the warm sunshine on their shoulders...
Green grass to hop on...
Feathered companions traveling from miles away~

So am I~
Hope you have a cozy weekend, Sweet Friends!

Tuesday, February 4

Me & my shadow...

My dad would sing this song to me...
I never left his side~

I try to recall these words MANY times throughout the day~

Valentine's Day is just around the corner~
Little loves sharing their heart!

I would sing 'puppy love' to my dear Lab~
Our home will have prancing paws again someday...
How I miss the joy that dogs share!

We have sunshine this morning~
It will be clouding over soon... a snow storm is moving in!
Please be safe, Sweet Friends~

Saturday, February 1

The Copycat~

My little seahorse friends are traveling to the UK on Monday~

How I love to draw these little fabric originals~
Please let me share:
There is a woman copying my artwork on fabrics.
She is using my identical wording for her titles and listing/descriptions.
Please be aware that I always write 'Copyright Michelle L. Palmer' 
across my images. All of my artwork & designs are registered
with the Federal Copyright Office.
If you have any questions~ Please inbox me before purchasing.
I am based in the United States~

Thank you, Sweet Friends~ for all of your comments, visits & purchases!
More little treasures will be in my shop tomorrow~
Little treasures from MY OWN CREATIVE HEART~

The coolest part of being an artist... being unique!
One of a kind!
 Don't copy what someone else is doing~
That means you are a COPYCAT.
Nothing creative about that.
Nothing artistic about that.


True artists come up with their own products.
True artists take pride in being ONE OF A KIND.
True artists want to describe their artwork through their own eyes.

It's important that we are true to ourselves~
That is where we will find joy!
That is what I LOVE to share with all of you.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!