Thursday, August 28

New color!

With soft morning sunshine streaming in the studio...
It's color time!

A new watercolor to share~
'Dark Brown' by Winsor & Newton

It is a muted, matte~ cool brown.
I think I will use it as a warm gray!

Hope your day is filled with 'warm tones!' ;)

Saturday, August 16

Western Journey~

Hello, Sweet Friends!
Hope your summer has been filled with relaxation, joy....
Laughter and fantastic memories~

Traveled across through this beautiful country with our daughter...
From New York to Arizona!

She will soon be starting classes 'Out West!'

We have family in Arizona...
It is so much fun to explore when you're with people who can
share in similar interests and find their way back home!

We lost a few hubcaps in three different states...
Broke down in Illinois due to a rusted radiator hose clamp...
We had brown dust on our car from the East.
Golden-brown dust on our car...
Red dust on our car...
The torrential rains from wild storms washed some of it away!
Met the most AMAZING people along our journey!

Enjoyed seeing the desert and its inhabitants...
The flowers...
Saguaros, prickly pear, barrel cactus~ so many more!

The days were filled with gorgeous landscapes...
Laughter, reflection, old memories & new memories with Alaina!
The colors are so inspiring!

Although I left our girl in the West to learn, grow & follow her dreams~
I brought home a vision of new colors!
A rich palette!

When the desert shares colors---
They are unfiltered!
They are brilliant!
They are rich!

On one of my last days in the desert it was 117 degrees~
It went down to 50 degrees here last night!

The most amazing journey with the most wonderful girl!
I'm so thankful we made it across the miles safe & sound.
So thankful to have seen more of America~ how I love this land!
It was a joy to meet beautiful and kind people at every stop~
Off the beaten path is filled with wonder!

Hope your day finds you exploring~
My studio 'needs exploring!' 
What a mess!

Wishing your heart joy~