Friday, November 27

Thank you pattern~

Thank you, Friends!
You have helped me reach 5,000+ sales in my Etsy shop~

A little gift to share with you~
"Christmas Sparrow" copyright Michelle Palmer
~for your private use only, please~
A second pattern is available on my Facebook page
Michelle Palmer Artist

You can print it as a coloring page...
Use it for a punch needle or embroidery pattern~
Would love to see your finished projects!

Wishing you all the best~
Thank you for being the most wonderful customers!

Thursday, November 26

Thanksgiving Fraktur

Wishing you a Thanksgiving filled with wonderful memories~

I first learned about Fraktur in college...

Definition of FRAKTUR

:  a German style of black letter
often not capitalized :  a Pennsylvania German document (as a birth or wedding certificate) that is written in calligraphy and illuminated with decorative motifs (as tulips, birds, and scrolls)

True Fraktur is beautiful~
My sketchbooks are filled with these little sketches.
My notebooks from college (especially the non-art classes)
have simple designs influenced by Fraktur in the borders!

Happy Thanksgiving, Sweet Friends!

Monday, November 23

Winter wren needle felted~

This little wren friend isn't so little...

Her name is Winnie Wren!
She is looking forward to a coat made of wool~

Sweet Winner before I started to add her feathers!
I start most of my needle felting with plain, raw wool.
No color, to save money~

I found this old wood turning well over 15 years ago...
It has been waiting for the perfect project!
I think it will make a neat perch for our Winnie girl~

Hope your week is off to a great start, Friends!