Saturday, December 30

Happy New Year!

Some of my favorites wishing you a creative New Year!

I hope your hearts are filled with fresh & unique ideas~

I hope your arms are filled with supplies that inspire you~

I hope your days allow you time to work on your favorite hobbies~

Wishing you happiness, love, peace & laughter~

It is such a joy to still find buttons in antique & thrift shops!

Sometimes the most amazing ideas started as daydreams!

Thank you, Friends for all the joy you share with me!

Wishing you great health and joy!
Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 17

O Christmas Tree~

It is so nice to have a blanket of white on the ground~
Time for the land & crops to rest and picture perfect!

A country drive is always a favorite pastime...
Just up the road from our home is our favorite tree farm!

Snow was floating down softly,  like feathers falling~
Look at all of those babies!
Wrapping the hills as far as the eye can see! (even on a clear day)

They're in their 20's now... but walking behind them brings back
25 years of tree-gathering memories.
Little ones toddling through trees their height~ playing hide & seek.
Little hands hugging 15' giants...
Sitting on the trunk and being carried out~

Some years it has been so warm we were in t-shirts...
Other years there has been so much rain we've been up to
our ankles in mud, slipping & sliding~

Our daughter LOVES wee little trees~
I tend to choose trees that are far too tall for our home!

Baby trees here and there~ replenishing...

We found one!
Wishing you and yours a joy-filled season~

Thursday, December 7

Punch Needle Snowman

"March of the Christmas Geese!"
Copyright 2017 Michelle L. Palmer

These friends need to get out of town...
Christmas is just around the corner and some
will be searching for the perfect bird for their Holiday meal!
Our snow friend is taking a trip to the lake with them!

I love to add texture to my punch needle pieces~
By changing the loop lengths an ordinary coat becomes corduroy!

Wishing your heart every joy of this beautiful season, Friends!

Friday, December 1

No pins in these so they're ornaments, cupboard hangers, bowl fillers... little pillows...
Teddy bears love to cuddle with them~

Hope you have an awesome weekend, Friends!


December has arrived in all its beauty~
Frosty mornings...
Sherbet colored sunrises & sunsets...
Songbirds dancing around the feeders...
Geese coming in from the lake...

Greens draped, lights strung & wreaths welcome.

The gardens are buttoned up for their winter rest~
Brilliant red cardinals peek through the pine branches!
Their songs even more crisp & clear~

Wishing your hearts a joy-filled December!

Wednesday, November 22


Where ever you spend Thanksgiving Day~
Praying for all to have safe travels,
a warm home,
plenty of food,
and wonderful new memories~
(and a little bit of relaxation, too)

Thank you for your friendship~
Wishing your heart every happiness!

Tuesday, October 31

October 31st~

It's a blustery Autumn day here!
Hold onto your hats & treat bags~

Hope your day is filled with sweet-treats, Friends!

Friday, October 20

Harvest Moon~

'Harvest Moon' Copyright 2017 Michelle L. Palmer

We have been enjoying several weeks of mild weather.
Beautiful sunny days & clear starry nights...
Walking the pup without a flashlight when the night sky lights the way~

That is what inspired this friendly moon~
Walking past pumpkin fields as the sun is setting.
Harvest beauties silhouetted against the sherbet orange sky.

Moon shining down on roadside pumpkins for sale~

Hope your Autumn days are filled with beauty, Friends!

Wednesday, October 18

Applique snowman stocking~

A little Christmas stocking to share with you~
We had our first frost & cold winds are beginning to blow!

Made my little snow friend from wool~
You can use what ever fabrics & stitches you're comfortable with.
The paper pattern is below.
~Personal use only, please~
Copyright 2017 Michelle L. Palmer

Gift cards are perfect at times.
I like to dress them up a bit by making unique holders!
Something that can be kept to hang on the tree or cupboard pull.
I'm trying to start early this year...
I'll share more as I finish them~

It's a snap!

Twine, craft hemp or jute for arms!

I traced the pieces for the pattern before I began stitching~
Cut 2 stocking pieces & blanket stitch them together
after you applique your snowman to the front piece.
Feel free to use the paper pattern for your personal use.
I didn't add a scarf to my snow friend but did add a shape for your choice.

He will dress up the season~

Wishing your heart every happiness, Friends!

Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher Magazine~

'Melt Your Heart' Snowman~ copyright 2017 Michelle L. Palmer

This Valentine friend is in the 2017 Christmas~Winter Mega Issue!
There are so many beautiful patterns tucked inside.
Deb Jochim fills her publications with goodness!

She included a photograph of the snowman before I added 
the Instant Antique spray~

'Gathering Goose' copyright 2017 Michelle L. Palmer

This happy fella was on the cover of PNPS Fall 2017 
He has some vegetables & seasonal decorations to deliver
for a meat-free Thanksgiving dinner (giggle)

I have so much fun with punch needle~
Hope you do to, Friends!

Wishing you a harvest season filled with goodness~

Monday, October 2

Tuesday, September 26

Punch needle patterns~

'Rooster Rising' Copyright 2017 Michelle L. Palmer

'Rooster Rising' my dad would always say,
"Never let the sunshine catch you sleeping!" "Up an at 'em!"
Days with him were always filled with adventure~ and love!

Hello, Friends!
It has been too long since my last post~
Summer seemed to dash by us and Autumn has arrived with 
unseasonably warm and beautiful days!
The gardens continue to call to me and
somehow I find myself spending too much time away from my desk~

'Scarecrow in the Pumpkin Patch' copyright 2017 Michelle L. Palmer

When the moon is so bright you don't need a flashlight~ 
That's when I imagine new friends are made!

'Apple a Day' copyright 2017 Michelle L. Palmer

Apple a Day' ~ The orchards smell so, so good right now!
We have been enjoying several warm days.
Driving past the rows of apple trees with our window down~ 
Sure to make an apple pie as soon at the 80 degree days go back down to the 60's.
(I think punch needle each day is great medicine, too!)

'Love You, Fraktur Bird' copyright 2017 Michelle L. Palmer

My dad would sit on the edge of my light blue
sand box (that he had built) and look up to the moon and say,
"I love you all the way up there, to that big white moon~ and back"
He used the moon to keep me awake on the way home
from Christmas Eve parties,
"Where's that moon, Boo? Did you see Santa fly around it yet?"
Something about the moon~

'Sunny Perch' copyright 2017 Michelle L. Palmer

Perfect place for our little crow friend to rest his wings~
Pumpkins can get heavy!
I remember walking through the pumpkin patch with little ones.
They would find the biggest one they could wrap their little
arms around & claim it as their own.
It would grow heavy in their arms after a few steps~

'Pumpkin in the Window' copyright 2017 Michelle L. Palmer

Mom always put a ceramic pumpkin (that my sister made)
in our front picture window.
I loved the soft glow of the smiling jack o lantern's face
as it reflected in the window.
The pumpkin sat on a very thick encyclopedia,
wrapped in tin foil, for perfect height. I put my little friend on a pedestal~

Hope your Autumn days are filled with happiness, Friends!

Friday, September 8

So many hearts are weary~

Through storms, evacuations, fires, earthquake,
illness and loss...
Please know you are loved, treasured & in my prayers.

Sunday, August 27

Praying for Texas & Gulf Coast

So many treasured hearts in Texas & Gulf Coast area...
Praying that you are safe and that the rains subside quickly~

Tuesday, August 22

Echinacea~ coneflower applique

Sharing my progress!
I found the prettiest Valdani thread~
#12 pearl cotton
At first I was concerned that it would be too bold.

The colors decided they would play nice together!
I'm glad I chose a brighter, variegated, color for the flowers.
I think I will keep the greens low-key and muted.

I think it would make a beautiful fall jacket for a mouse, too~
Time will tell!

Hope your week is off to a great start, Friends!

Thursday, August 17

Wool applique August Echinacea

August Echinacea is so beautiful~
As it begins to fade & mottle it starts to resemble my watercolor palette!

 I purchased a beautiful piece of wool from Kimberley Severns
to make my very first wool applique project.

When I saw the wool on-line I thought it would make a pretty hydrangea blossom.
The piece had some deeper tones when it arrived & I immediately thought
Purple coneflowers! 

Little friend waking up on the sunny side of the day~

They fill the gardens with beauty starting late June, early July~
Soon they will lose all of their petals and American Goldfinch 
will be perched on top of them snacking on seeds!
I will leave them through early frosts & the first few snowfalls.

Swallowtails have been busy this morning...
Too busy to hold still for their portraits~

Wishing you a beautiful day, Sweet Friends~
Thank you for stopping by!