Thursday, January 30

Darning socks...

Many hands make light work!
Teddy love is going to help me darn socks...
When I was little I was given a 'pretty pair of knee highs'~
Cozy & well loved!
They always had holes in them!
With grandma's wooden sock darner &
colorful threads from my moms sewing box... I would add patches.
I cut tags out of my shirts & used them for the patches~

This little love is ready for the ball~

Ever feel like someone is watching you?

Bunny looks as if he has a hand-puppet!

Hope it is warming up where you are~
The numbers are rising!
Thirty degrees will feel like a heatwave!

Hope your day is filled with 'little helpers' and love~

Wednesday, January 29

Sweet Pachyderms come marching in....

Elephants have big hearts and tons of love to share~

They have big... tight-knit families~

They stay together...

They are gentle~ confident and calm...

Can you imagine the night sky where they roam?

"Cuddle in little friend & find rest in my care~"

Each little illustration has a story of its own...
These little friends have marched into my Etsy shop~
Sharing their hearts!

Hope your day is off to a great start!

Thursday, January 23

Bunnies are hopping in...

We have been tossing carrots, celery and lettuce cores
out the window for our sweet bunny friend~
He cuddles under the bird feeders... our feathered friends share!

So nice to see their fluffy white tails against the blanket of white!

I think a ruffled collar would dress him up...

I think a pair of baby blue 'feetie' pajamas would be adorable too!

A sweet reminder...
Treasure each day~

Sharing love and smiles with you~
I know there are happy bees flying about somewhere!!

Wednesday, January 22

Flock of birds...

With all this frigid~ I needed to think Spring!
Baby birds...

 Fuzzy and singing loud!

Momma birds tending to their every chirp...

First flights...

Sharing a ride...

Sharing love...

A few sweet reminders that the warmth will return~

... and we will once again enjoy evening walks under the stars!

When I was photographing my little friends for Etsy~
These two were side by side...
"What does the fox say?" Immediately played in my head!
(Now it is going to be stuck in YOUR head!)

Fox says, "It is very cold in the field... warmer days are coming soon!"

Smiles and hugs!
Keep warm, Sweet Friends~ 

Thursday, January 16

Fabric illustrations with love...

The sweetest of gifts~
Your love.

How it brightens the long, gloomy days...
Cheers a stranger...
Helps other hearts smile!

I remind myself to let things go...
Let my heart be gentle, forgiving and open.

Love & sweetness~ a natural attraction!

How sweet it is that song birds perch and share their song~
Not expecting anything in return.

Bringing joy that cannot be measured...

I went to a Valentine's 'gathering' when I was little... a faint memory.
All generations were there, mingling. Visiting. Laughing.
I remember that it was loud~ until a slow dance played softly.
Watching couples dance cheek to cheek...
Their faces touched...
Their hearts were connected.

Wishing your heart joy~

Tuesday, January 14

Punch needle play...

This is what my finished gift looked like when my mother-in-law opened the box.
It's done... it's hours away...
No more fussing, fixing, figuring...

Because I thought I liked this... 

Then this...

Ooooo... maybe this?

Hmmmmm... penny circles!

...or polka dots!

...Maybe both?

After many suggestions from friends... and a lot of stitching & removing~
I put all of the little wool/felt pieces in a baggie and
put them in the package for her to add if she wanted!

The cats are happy to have their lap space back~
Hope you have a nice evening, Sweet Friends!

Thursday, January 9

Punch needle snowman...

Still working up the courage to finish one last Christmas gift!
I know! January 9th----(our family gathering is drawing near...)
I have had plenty of time for courage & confidence to arrive!
Working on my paper pattern now.

I wish you could see the colors in the wool!
They match so nicely~
I don't want to mess up the punch needle... or the beautiful wool!
Just need to jump in and do it...

I'll be back!
Hope you're having a great day~

Monday, January 6

A finished flock~

"Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away..." (Frank Sinatra)

That is the song I have had stuck in my mind for the past week~
Always a lyric that relates to repetitive projects...

These were such fun!
Each with their own personality~
Added them to my Etsy shop.

Now to build up the courage to finish the punch needle gift...
It looks so nice sitting there--- waiting to be finished!

Sweet Dreams!

Sunday, January 5

Muslin birds fly in...

They have their wings...

Some even have a touch of lace~

Now comes the fun... they get their faces & patterns~
Their personality!

Wishing you a day filled with creative~

Friday, January 3

Valentine hearts...

Wanted to share some of my finished treasures...

I'm still working on my flock of birds...
They get a little fussy about their wings, tails and fancy details!

Such a little face~

Whooooo loves you~

A friend loves at all times~
That's whoooooo!

Just added these little friends to my Etsy shop...
Birds will be flying in soon!

Please stay safe in these cold and fierce storms...