Thursday, February 26

Wool Supplies...

While shopping at the large craft stores the other day
I was tempted to purchase some new wool colors...
I had my 40% off coupon & new ideas for
needle felts were flashing in my mind faster than
I could store them to memory!

I used my coupon...but not on wool.
It is TOOOOO expensive!
I couldn't believe the cost for the
wee little "tufts" of colors. I'm sure it is perfect
if you dabble in felting...but if you've found a new
favorite hobby that you just can't put down~
Try to buy from a local source.

All of this pictured & MORE for the same
cost as three little packages from the craft stores.
I LOVE these colors. Individual wool dyers come up
with AMAZING colors & you have
colors that are not machine manufactured...
The colors are unique to you, your area & your designs.

I'm glad to share where I purchase mine~
They LOVE their sheep. The "mom" was sharing how
thrilled the little lambs were to be outdoors on
a warm day...they were hopping
all about like little bits of popcorn!
This gal is hoping to get a web page & blog up soon...
For now...feel free to call & ask what colors she
has available, cost...shipping etc.
Amy is a dear & you'll get PILES of gorgeous wool!
Stone Edge Fibers
Phelps, New York
315/548-2032 or
Fine wools for spinning, rug hooking & knitting...
LOVE my needle felting wools!

Wednesday, February 25

We'll Call'em Palmer Nests...

n"Finding the Perfect Home"
Copyright Michelle L. Palmer

My little feathered friend selected the nest
with the Chartreuse colored pencil...
A favorite color each Spring!

After requests for more chicks in nests...
and my natural nest supply depleted~
I needed to come up with a nest design that I could
make that is reasonably priced...realistic...
easy on my wrists...the can hold up for years!
I've needle felted a few different materials together...
My hands are not numb...
It looks sweet sitting next to my personal BIRD-MADE
nest collection...and it didn't cost much to make!

Put a little twig of my pussy willow tree along the edge...

A few feathers from the grasses under our feeders...

Ordinary supplies...a bag of Spanish Moss for $2.
and a bag of Natural Floral Moss for $2.

I'll be adding all sorts of goodies to my nests...
I have LOADS of pencil nubs that I can't toss...
Vintage papers will be woven in...
Ooooooh the fun is just beginning!
We'll call them Palmer Nests!

This sweet "Suzie" bird & nest will be in my
Etsy shop this morning...and some empty nests
will be coming soon!

Thanks so much for stopping by...
Hope your day is wonderful~

Tuesday, February 24

Treasures Even If Not Perfect...

A new stack of late 1800's ~ early 1900's papers.
These are the images I put in my journals...
One of a kind...

Someone took the time to cut these from
newspapers, magazines, trade journals etc. & saved.

Images from old books...

When I was in college I would go to antique shows
and drool over the postcards, vintage papers etc.
As a graphic designer...I LOVE to see all types of
borders, scroll work, print plates, type etc.
I would treat myself to a few postcards...
Almost 20 years later...still treating myself~
But there are less and less of these treasures...

Met a few people who had bags of 2nd's~
Images they couldn't ask top dollar for because they
were discolored, torn, mottled...
Be sure to ask...

Sometimes the aged pieces are still GORGEOUS!
Worth more than top dollar to me~
It takes a lot of effort to make things look old
without over-working the art.

Some of these images might be the
only one remaining...

Love that they even save the textured papers...
Must have been a gorgeous book~

If you find a booth with LOADS of postcards,
advertising pages etc. ~ be sure to ask if they have
torn, worn or damaged pieces they would like to sell...

Monday, February 23

Warm Colors...Warm Heart...

Leaf sunshine!

I have this pressed in a journal~
We have a very cold, blustery day...
Needed a little sunshine & thought you might, too!

Sunday, February 22

Is It More Than A Knot?

I have always gravitated toward people
that are older, wiser...stories to share...eccentric!

Walking through an old barn during a
horrible thunder storm...this older woman asked me,
"Can you feel the eyes watching you?"
She didn't need to freak me out any further
than the pounding thunder, hail and constant flashes!
My hair stood on end!
I will never forget the scary moment & that was
before I went to horror flicks with my friends
just so they could hear me scream!

Well...above is a photo of what she was referring to.
She was a carver...and LOVED knots. Said they
looked like beautiful was her attempt
to calm me while trapped in a toothpick-strength barn.
We went around with a flash light & decided
which eyes looked like those we knew...
On SUNNY DAYS I notice knots & if they
somehow look like eyes...
I took the above photo at
Genesee Country Village~ New York State.
So pretty, warm...funny how whenever you
see certain objects, smell certain scents~
memories flood in of a person or place...
Memories linger of her quirkey ways & make
me smile from time to time.

Hope your Sunday is lovely~

Saturday, February 21

My Week & New Needle Felts...

This photo is linked to my Etsy
Chicks at Home

Copyright Michelle L. Palmer

Some new needle felts to share...
I love to needle felt at night,
It helps me relax.
I've put them in my Etsy shop~

They look so sweet sitting around here!!!!!

This photo is linked to my Etsy
All the Buzz
Copyright Michelle L. Palmer

Much of this week was spent trying to get
our daughter perked up. The kids had winter recess
the entire week...this was her 3rd of 4th round
of high fevers, head ache, dizziness...and all
the normal winter cold/flu distresses.
The first tests have come back negative~
so we know she doesn't have strep...
She's been sick since mid January,
Finally, yesterday they did blood work to look
into why she's not building her strength back.
Today she's up and around...
More like our sweet gal~
Hope these last two days are enough to
get her resistance back before jumping into
the germs first thing Monday morning.

This photo is linked to my Etsy
Sweet Yellow Bird
Copyright Michelle L. Palmer

Our son is one of the leads in the middle school
musical again this year...Into The Woods!
Tues. through Friday another mom & I
were painting sets...MANY of my "hidden muscles"
have let me know they are NOT ready
to come out of winter hibernation! :)
Some of the players would jump in & help
when they were not singing...some other
middle school students were doing a fantastic
job base up!

This photo is linked to my Etsy
Little Finch at Home
Copyright Michelle L. Palmer

A week filled with appointments, duties, illness,

We're hopeful this week will be more low key...
Wishing each of you the best!

Tuesday, February 17


This photo is linked to my Etsy shop...

We had a fun time as a family on Valentine's Day...
By late afternoon I was wanting to get into
some sort of project that could be done in front
of a nice, relaxing movie...with WARM looking settings!

This photo is linked to my Etsy shop...

Maybe 10 or 12 movies later...
Look at the fun I had!

I've managed to put everything away & get these
fun keepsake journals put into my Etsy shop!

My pup's hair wasn't the only thing flying around here~
Paper scraps, punches...stamps...glue...ribbons!
To share a few pictures with you...

Each of the journals have 40 pages (80 writing surfaces!)
I LOVE to write around things...have little
nooks n' crannies to tuck small quotes in!
They took a bit to make...if they don't sell quickly~
they just might end up as Palmer family heirlooms...
covered with sketches, ideas, stories & critter news!
Hope your week is off to a great start!
Thanks so much for stopping by for a visit~