Thursday, May 31

Last day of May~

Hope you had a nice Memorial Day weekend, Friends~
Always grateful to spend time with family and`
remember with respect, those who gave so much.

Lilacs have shared their scent... now the air is filled with honeysuckle!

~Solomon's Seal~
The gardens are filled with blossoms... and weeds.
I grab a handful of weeds every time I take our pup for a walk!
He grabs a mouthful of what I toss aside and shakes them.
He let's them know who's boss!

I have added my first rug hooking pattern to my Etsy shop!
'I Love You to the Moon and Back' is hand drawn on natural linen.

My edges are taped on this pattern~
Will sew them eventually.
Learning as I go!
I took care to keep the lines straight of the grain...
That was my goal for this pattern! 

I hope you have a great weekend, Friends~
Welcoming June with bouquets of Dame's Rocket!

Friday, May 25

Love you to the moon hooked rug

Love You to the Moon & Back copyright Michelle L. Palmer

From punch needle to wool hooked rug!
I'm not sure how many of my punch needle works will make their
way to being hooked rugs~ this one holds a special place in my heart.

The colors are soft and subtle.

The watercolor painting is part of my licensing portfolio~
I think it would make a fun garden flag!

As I began hooking the heart I realized the purples that I  had dyed
for the graphic steps were a bit too cool...
Sue at Liberty Cottage (Canandaigua, NY) had the perfect colors!

Little bird had a story to tell and it went well into the night~

Loop by loop~
Punch needle is my favorite hobby but I do love to hook wool, too!

Hope your Friday is off to a great start, Friends!
Safe travels as you journey this Memorial Day weekend~