Thursday, July 16

Punch needle owl~ 'Starry Night'

"Starry Night Owl" is nearly finished!
Just need to add color to my three oak leaves~

Hope your day is filled with sunshine & happiness!

Tuesday, July 14

Punch needle owl~

Hope you have been having a wonderful summer so far, Friends!
We have had more rain than usual so the mosquitoes are fierce.
Instead of pulling weeds after work and itching bites
for the remainder of the evening
I have started to catch up on projects I had started.

My little owl friend has been very patient...
Waiting for wings and feathers~

Some projects get pushed aside for months & I lose interest.
This one was easy to pick up and start on again!
I think I heard our little friend sigh with relief (giggle)

Wishing you sunny days and wonderful memories~

Thursday, July 2

Americana Owls~

We have had a cool and rainy start to our summer~
The weeds are dancing in the gardens & mosquitoes are viscous.
So I stitch!
Little breaks from painting...

I made a Sweet 16 collection of Americana owls~
When the last one had its beak I think they broke out in patriotic song!
Hand sewn bodies from tea stained muslin and dressed with
vintage fabrics and trims that I have been gathering for years.

They all have big hearts... some show it on the outside~

Stars & stripes... 

Ruffles and florals~

This little hat was fun!
Shabby little friends~
Rough edges to look like ruffled feathers...

The choir of owls... can you hear them singing?
Wishing you a wonderful day!