Monday, November 29

Creative Monday Listings!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!
Today is the famed Cyber Monday...
Today is just another excuse to search
my favorite artist pages~
My Etsy shop will have oodles of new pieces
added throughout the day!
I've been playing dress up!
Found these handmade, rare... vintage doll clothes.
They fit my little teddy friends...
I'll give measurements... hope they'll fit your friends!

... some of the vintage baby dresses...

... all this and more!

Hope you have a wonderful day!
Thanks so much for stopping by~

Wednesday, November 24

Happy Thanksgiving & New Art Pieces...

Wishing all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving~
Hope your weekend is filled with laughter,
love, fond memories and yummy food!
The turkey chases the hunters!
As a kid I would wash the turkey for mom...
Stand it up in the sink and have it share where it lived...
The poor, bare bird would talk about the
roads around our house that it had roamed,
where the skunks live and other local facts!
Then I would sing and have it dance into the roaster.
I always played with my food...
Drew roads in my mountain of mashed potatoes.
Set up walls of squash and ham squares...
Beet juice makes great ink lines on Melamine plates.
It all was cold by the time it made it to my mouth
but it tasted better with a little sprucing up!
A few photos to share of new Etsy listings!
I have several large linens that I have made into
small tree skirts or table dresses~

Feathered friends...

Critters and teddy loves...

Meadow art!
Many of you have had the "white stuff"
I have mixed feelings this year...
The beauty and fun of snow has been delayed.
We're enjoying a warm, extended fall!
Nice walks, sunshine & winds to clear the leaves!
It's nice that our furnace isn't running continually...
our Christmas tree will last longer~
We all load into the truck and drive to our favorite
evergreen farm this weekend...
The kids want to bring home the little tree,
so it isn't all alone... or the half brown one because
they know that nobody else will choose it...
I choose the 12' tall ones that will take up
our entire livingroom...
Hubby is a saint.
He walks for hours... stands next to them as a
6' measuring stick explaining why we can't
fit "the perfect one" with a smile~
Wishing you relaxation and fun~

Wednesday, November 17

Chickadees, Cardinals, Field Mice... New Linens!

Thank you for so many encouraging, kind, loving
and heart-shared comments~
I thank God for so many wonderful friends...
We are having wild, wild winds...
Each gust makes me giggle as so many of our
bright yellow leaves are still holding on tight!
That would be me~
I'm not one to let go easily...
I don't care to fly...
Not much for wild rides!
Hope each of you are having a wonderful day~
I have been at my computer listing
15 new originals to my Etsy store.
I love linens in winter...
They remind me of snowflakes!
Just had to add a little sketch to each~
Smiles, hugs and so many thanks!

Monday, November 15

More Christmas & Where are you?

Thank you for so many wonderful comments!
I have been trying to visit each of you and
take time to comment...
Time has been limited as I have been caring for
my mom as much as possible.

A few posts back I shared that I have been trying
to help a special someone as they battle
breast and bone cancer...
That special someone is my mom.
I couldn't say anything at the time... she has been in
this battle for three years~ but never told her
extended family. My sisters and our immediate family
have been doing our best to keep her privacy...
Her wishes...
God has a way of opening doors~
Her siblings and extended family now know.
I am so thankful that they know~ things have
not been going well... she is very weak.
My mom is some distance away.
My wonderful hubby and teens help with my
Etsy shop whenever they can...
Thank you for being so very patient...
Sometimes waiting for special orders...
Every now and then waiting a day or two extra
for packages to arrive or delayed email responses.
I have loads of Christmas goodies to share...
There is time to draw while we sit and visit~
It is relaxing... A positive distraction...
I found my Christmas theme muslin ribbons that
I had made this past Spring...
I was drawing holly and Christmas
right along side my pansy, bunny and bird ones!
Vintage dresses with Christmas themes are
almost ready to list... they look so sweet on teddy bears!
I like to hang them along the mantle...
A nice addition to the stockings~
Thank you... for your kindness and friendships!
You are a very big bright spot~

Wednesday, November 10

My Original Watercolor Paintings...

All images protected by Copyright Michelle L. Palmer
Original watercolor paintings in my Etsy store!
I paint almost everyday.
Sometimes I paint for fun...
Some are concepts, rough color for proposals...
Others have been licensed and appear
on products in the marketplace~

Studio space is limited...
It's time to share!

I thought it would be fun to start with winter,
snowmen, santa and Christmas themed originals...

I have been painting professionally since 1987...

The above santa was manuf. on gift boxes & slates

These two friends have appeared on several products!
I have digital files of all of my paintings.
Each protected by U. S. Copyrights~
You might own one of these and someday see them
it in the store on a wonderful gift product!
Do hope you enjoy these~
Thank you for stopping by and for
so many wonderful comments!

Monday, November 8

Art Bags...

Hope your Monday is off to a great start!
I just hung laundry on the line...
A gray squirrel was chatting to me from the feeder.
It was holding on for dear life~ the winds are a bit brisk!
With bright skies I have been able to take
loads of photographs today!

These small muslin bags were a fun project...
I will be sharing them in my Etsy store~

The little leather branches were fun to cut out...
These have been great gifts... perfect size!
More to come soon~
Wishing you all the best!

Sunday, November 7

A New Journal...

I hope all of you have had a wonderful weekend!
We have been raking leaves... raking... raking...
There are still oodles of them to fall~
No big hurry...
Do hope before snowfalls!

Sharing snippets from my new art journal...

Sometimes there is a only a few minutes before
bed for a quick little sketch or thought...
The perfect little town I grew up in!
Hills and pastures...
Streams and swamps...
Ponds, critters, wild flowers and farm animals...

I fill in with paint when I have a few minutes.

I will be listing more Christmas and winter themed
original art pieces in my Etsy shop tonight~
(Update~ more are listed now... it would
not allow me to add photograhs last night)
THANK YOU for being so patient~
I hope to have more sunny days for photographs...
Tons of goodies to share!
Sweet dreams~

Thursday, November 4

Christmas Ribbons & Treasures...

New borders for my Etsy store!
I was going to list them yesterday...
I was distracted...
Time got away from me, as it often does
this time of year... so many ideas... so little time!
I'll show you some of the fun in my next post~
Less than perfect is JUST PERFECT for me.
I treasure these little square style spice containers...
Found on Ebay~ less than $2 each!
When I roam into an antique store these are the
little gems I search for... especially white with blue.
How I love flow blue...
Little containers filled with buttons.
The ones without covers are filled with feathers.
Our kitty cats sit and look~
When they see a single feather...
Do they REALLY SEE an entire bird?
They are indoor cats~
Perhaps the hunter in them is satisfied by
chewing up my favorite feathers...
No store-bought toy will do.
Even more Etsy goodies later!
I'm working on a special watercolor...
For a VERY patient friend~
Wishing you sunshine & smiles!

Tuesday, November 2

New Tote Bags...

I have been trying to fix my blog...
Many pictures decided to disappear~
I have added a few back at the top of some posts,
removed some posts... it will take days to reorganize.
Six new little tote bags!
More treasures for my Etsy store!
This little face is named "Peaches 'n Cream"

I thought this card of vintage buttons would
be perfect added here and there with the snowflakes...
Or use them in some other way!

Feathered friends dressed for winter...
A sweet Chickadee perched in a shrub near my car
as I was scraping off the heavy frost...
Calling out to list this collection today!
Frost on the pumpkins!
Hope your day is perfect~