Wednesday, January 25

Vintage Style Quilt Labels...

Valentines... Hearts... Love...
February is just around the corner~

These little friends of mine are wishing you loads of love...

Bringing little flowers to remind us that Spring is just around the corner...

Momma & Pop birds will begin nest building soon...
For all those fuzzy babies we love to peek at!

All with a sweet little message~

... a message of love to share!

Hope your day is filled with love, Sweet Friends!

Tuesday, January 24

Antique & Vintage Pen Tips...

My most favorite pair of shoes~
They don't make that style anymore!

My favorite tea~
It wasn't selling well... so they discontinued it!

Through the years the list of favorites slowly disappear...
I find new needfuls & treasures that keep me content!
When I find vintage & antique pen tips...
I try to stockpile them!

Perhaps a little hoarding when it comes to tips...
There is something about the way they write~

The new pieces work just fine...
The used & new "old" ones~ are amazing!

Hope your day is amazing, too~

Tuesday, January 17

January Whites...

We have had a burst of winter!
I have had a burst of catching up!

This past fall was filled with days of mourning,
out of town commitments and falling behind...

I'm beginning to catch up on promised treasures...

These studio pals are on their way home today!
They're traveling to a much warmer home~
I'm a bit jealous!

I've been enjoying time in my studio.
Still catching up on licensing deadlines...
Winter songbirds come near the windows~
I think they enjoy my movie & music selections!

More winter white linens will be in my Etsy store~
Just a few more special orders to finish for special friends.

Wishing you a creative & joy-filled day~

Friday, January 13

Needle Felted Scottie Dog...

This wool Scottie pup belongs to our sweet Alaina!
One of my Christmas Eve gifts to her~
She has more photographs on her blog Avery Hill!
Alaina has a way of picking out the perfect button eyes...

Needle felted from white/natural wool.
Once I get my basic shape close to perfect~
I add thin layers of professional dyed wool colors!
Raw/plain wool is much less expensive than colored wool.
When I make larger pieces I always start with a plain base. 

Puppy peeking out the window~
LOVE her choice for eyes!
Can't wait to share more art adventures of this little pup~
He's more than a little felted friend!!

Hope your day is cozy and creative~

Thursday, January 5

Studio Storage Favorites...

In keeping with my promise to share little tidbits of my studio...
and with the missing chill of the wintry "Jack-Frost" himself...

One of my favorite stack-able storage solutions!
~Wear-Ever aluminum Jack-Frosters~ 

These vintage containers are not as air tight as my plastic trays...
Natural treasures that I find on my walks are saved here.
The contents dry & stay preserved without becoming musty.

Drift wood and cones from Lake Ontario...

This piece of drift wood looks like a duck head!

I think vintage stamps are fun!
They're fragile... so they stay safe inside my frosters~

Jack Frost will be nipping at our nose, eventually...
I miss watching our pup dance in the deep snow...
But I'm not complaining :)

Wishing you joy!

Sunday, January 1

Feathered Friends with Wishes...

Some of my most favorite feathered friends here to wish you

I have been sketching while my watercolor paints dry...
Trying to keep little treasures in my Etsy store~
Cardinals have been perching in the Honeysuckle bush
beside my studio window~
Just begging to have their portraits sketched!

They find a perfect spot and fluff-up~

In my mind, there is always a need to dress them~

In our travels to family Christmas celebrations we passed
by Montezuma Wildlife Refuge where we saw hundreds of 
Canada Geese resting on thin ice, shallow waters and swamp...
Shiver to the bones!
Would love to dress them cozy warm~

Hope your New Year is filled with supportive dear ones~

Hope your New Year is filled with friends, family & the like~
Times shared & wonderful new memories made!
Wishing you joy and happiness throughout!