Thursday, November 24

Friday, November 18

Punch needle Santa's Redwork

'Saint Nicholas' Collection of four~ copyright 2016 Michelle L. Palmer

We had beautiful sunshine & 72 degrees today!
Less than one week until Thanksgiving~
Tomorrow it will be cooler...
Sunday we are expecting a snowstorm...

Planted spring bulbs with my daughter this morning.
So grateful for the beautiful day~
Finished getting the delicate tubers & rhizomes set in peat bins....
Cleared the last flower bed.
Winter can arrive~

The Santa portrait patterns are available in my Etsy shop.
You can use your favorite red or green... even blue!
All of my patterns include the DMC floss colors that I use.

I thought the four of them would make a nice hooked rug...
Four in line would make a neat table runner...
Added to a Christmas stocking...
Made into tree ornaments...
A pretty red pillow with a Santa circle~
Oh the fun!

A season filled with joy!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Sweet Friends!

Friday, November 11

Veterans Day

~Veterans Day~
Honoring each of you, with grateful hearts!

Thank you for your service~

Sunday, November 6

Vintage fabric yoyo's

301 of them! They are enjoying a gentle & restoring soak~

I've been enjoying antique shows & shops for 30+ years.
No matter how many shows, shops, festivals we attend~
There is always something fresh & new!

The show wasn't that big...
A high school gym & small cafeteria.
It was packed with some of the most unique and unusual antiques!

Butter paddles in bunches!
They looked like bouquets!
ONE was very unique~ it had a butter press on the handle end!!!
All one piece~
It was very rare and very expensive... inside a case or
I would have tried to capture a photograph.

We brought home a few treasures...
This collection of yoyo's was laying across a long table.
It was dressed with an antique rocking horse,
mounds of linens & table cloths,
crocks & jugs...
cool stuff...
neat stuff...
I just needed to find the price tag........

They are becoming harder and harder to find~
These most treasured patterns.

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday, Kind Friends!
Wishing your hearts every joy~