Thursday, November 28


"Acorn Perch" copyright Michelle L. Palmer
No. 4 of 6 Fraktur Rug Series

Thankful for you~
Wishing you and yours a beautiful
Thanksgiving weekend!

Monday, November 11

Veterans Day~

~Veterans Day~
We appreciate you and your families.
Our hearts are forever grateful for your commitment
to defend life, liberty and freedom both here in America and
around the world.
Past, present and future~ You're always in our prayers.
Thank you.

Pictured above: My dad, WWII 

Sunday, November 3

Annual Christmas Stocking

Wishing you joy!
~2019 Christmas Stocking~
Three free applique projects to say Thank you!
Thank you for your friendship!
Thank you for your kindness!
Thank you for your patronage!

I have included all three years of stocking projects in this post.
You can use the patterns for punch needle, embroidery,
rug hooking, quilting, applique etc.!
Personal use only, please.

Carolina & House Wrens are with us throughout the summer and early fall.
They cheerfully sing from dawn til dusk.
Every now and then, one will perch on my studio windowsill~

Right click to save the above pattern to your computer~

My stitches are not the prettiest...
It is always exciting to see finished works from all of you!

Plaids, stripes, textures, over-dyed, mottled... so many options!

(Quiver) Sharing a close up of my stitches...

2018 was a plaid red fox!

Right click and save the above pattern to your computer~

I shared this jolly snow friend the first year!

Right click and save the above pattern to your computer~

Black snaps as buttons & eyes...

Twine or craft hemp for snowman arms~

Wishing you beautiful November days!
Filled with creative projects~
Thank you again, Friends!