Wednesday, March 28

Original Watercolors...

For years I have promised original watercolor paintings~
With our sweet Alaina's help...
I'm going to begin selling small originals!

I am blessed~ My "daily work" is a joy!
Deadlines have been keeping me happily busy!
Yet... It's so much FUN to play!!!

These wild lawn Violets caught my creativity yesterday...
I couldn't stop painting them!

Their sweet little faces in my beginning sketches...

I start all of my paintings with soft, clean lines...

They were getting thirsty with all that posing!
Our window sills are filled with antique ink wells,
vintage bottles & little blossoms...
Touches of color...

Sometimes I paint the blossom first...
Sometimes the greens!

I love how the light dances on the leaves~

I will share a link to the auctions/sales
when our girl has them ready to go~ 
Just in case you would like an original watercolor of mine!

Hope your day is filled with little "wild" (but sweet) surprises!

Friday, March 23

Vintage Salt Sacks, Linens & More!

When I can feel my heart beat in my repaired teeth...
Pain medications and a good movie are my plan.
To stay awake~
I gather up a mix of vintage linens... old advertising sacks...
Ooodles of quilt labels, to bring my feathered friends to life!

We have three kitty friends...
One of them LOVES to sit on my lap when I draw~
I lean my little lap desk against him.
He purrrrrrrrrs.

I have been collecting sugar, salt, flour etc. vintage sacks for
several months. I wait until I have several to wash at the same time.
The ink is delicate.
I try to preserve as much of the color as possible.
They would look sweet framed... stuffed... displayed.
They're becoming very difficult to find!

More quilt labels in my Etsy, too~
Various sizes with flowers, birds, sewing themes...

Forsythia, flowering crabs, pussy willows...
The buzz & hummm of busy bees!
We are very early this year~ Lilacs are budding!
Do hope it isn't snowing in April~

Pretty tea towels...
LOVE the hand stitching~

Spring pastels...

This sweet linen begged to be drawn on!
A little feathered friend to greet you no matter where you sit~

Cheery stitches!

I will leave you with this sweet bunny girl...
She has a bouquet for you!

Thank you for stopping by, Sweet Friends!
Wishing you a wonderful weekend~

A gift & a winner!

Thank you, Melinda!
This special gift arrived yesterday...
From a sweet blogger/Etsy friend...
I LOVE snails!
I LOVE sweet surprises!
Her kind note included a beautiful quote:
"Those who bring sunshine
to the lives of others
can not keep it from themselves"
James Matthew Barrie

You did just that, Melinda~
Brought sunshine to me & my studio!

It is rare for us to receive anything in the mail in perfect condition...
My sweet snail has a little boo boo chip~
So the beautiful touch of the tropics has been re-potted...

"Smiley" the snail has a new purpose~
Just as Melinda planned!

"Smiley" is the perfect name!
See the sweet smile? A bright blue flower kiss, too~

So sorry for the delay on selecting my Giveaway winner!
I sheared one of my teeth in half~
My dentist told me to stop eating rocks... because...
I have three broken teeth!
Two crowns and one temp. filling~ still in process... ugh.
My bottom is in the shape of a dentist chair!
That's where I have been...

When my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer
there were a lot of emergency trips out of town to help her.
Dentist appointments were continually cancelled...
Physicals cancelled...
Weight gained from eating on the road...
I do not regret helping~
I do regret four years of missed appointments & self care.
Hubby, children, mom, pets and home came first.
I knew I would eventually play catch up...
Be kind to yourself, Sweet Friends.
Take care of you~ so that you can be your best for
Everyone you care for!

Hope your Friday is off to a great start!

Friday, March 9

Antique Linens...

Little buddy bear~
Perfect for a teddy friend getting ready for tea...

I have two of these Forget Me Not linens available!
My favorite place to be~
Surrounded by the sweetest little blue blossoms...

The sweetest table top runner!
Simple flowers stitched in vintage colors.

I'm that gal digging through the linen baskets~
Grass stained knees... muddy knees on rainy days...
Folding up the pretties after many have tossed them about!

They're all treasures...
I can see little illustrations through the dust, dirt and stains~

These have all been soaked in Tide detergent and OxiClean...
Rinsed in cold water & rolled up in fluffy hand towels~
Pressed and piled!

Spring is busting out all over~
Always grand inspiration for bunnies and baby birds!

I have three of these square linens in my Esty store...
The stitching amazes me~
Treasures from years past... framing my little illustrations.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Tomorrow I will pull a name for my linen giveaway~
Your comments make me smile!
Thank you, Sweet Friends

Tuesday, March 6

Giveaway! Vintage Buttons & Linen...

It's hip to be square!
(Square meaning honest, traditional... loyal)

A spring giveaway!
(Just leave a little comment on this post for your chance to win!)

I found this beautiful linen in a bag of treasures I purchased...
It was bunched up, stained, knotted with string~
When I gently opened it up, thinking it was a bunch of lace,
Wow! A perfect treasure of love!
Hand stitched details are breathtakingly beautiful!

I sketched five acorns in random squares...
Ten beautiful vintage "square" buttons are included but not stitched on~
You can decide!

I think it is perfect to share this "found" treasure...
The artist that spent hours and hours stitching was sharing her heart!
The time she must have spent!

We have always encouraged our children to~
Take time to look for the good...
Take time to get to know...
Take time to decide...
Take time to grow...

In a fast paced world... it's always good to take some time~

Monday, March 5

Itching to Play...

I whistle while I work!
(Much more pleasant than my singing...)
Our kitty cats come to the studio and meow...
When the windows are open~ I'm convinced the birds sing back...
My pup brings a favorite toy~ expecting my joy to bring her a treat!
The song means my art job is complete and it's time to tidy up~

When I finish up large design programs, my heart dances!
I'm in hopes it brings smiles to others~
I hope it adds to someones day~
Oh the places my art gets to travel... the people it meets!

With a clean studio and a song in my heart I've been catching up
on long-promised special orders... and playing with vintage linens!
So much to share!

I will start with a giveaway tomorrow!
To celebrate the little bits of spring beginning to peek out~

Our thoughts and prayers are with so many of you...
Your lives changed by violent storms.

Friday, March 2

Favorite Antique Jar...

Great things are stored in little packages...
Little packages are great things...

This wee little white glass jar has the same diameter as a quarter~

It sits on a shelf with my other favorite jars...

Absolute sweetness~ especially filled petite buttons!

Wishing you a weekend filled with tiny treasures!