Monday, October 31

Harvest Sketches...

I hope your day has been filled with sweet treats!
I thought I would share a Harvest image from my portfolio...

Ideas come to me on walks, while watching TV...
In restaurants, in the shower, in church~
Everywhere! All the time!
I make quick illustrations so I don't forget.

Sometimes my sketches sit for years...
Other ideas are so fresh and fun I paint them immediately!

These little kitty sketches...
We have three cats.
When we bring ANYTHING into our home they
immediately believe in their hearts... it is for them to sit on,
climb on, sleep on... rub, scratch etc. etc.
They find their way into many of my originals~

Hope your evening is safe and happy~

Thursday, October 20

Time heals...

Thank you, Sweet Friends~
For sharing your hearts with me.
I know time will ease the pain of missing my mom.
Your comments are part of a journal I started.
When I write, I sketch...
When I sketch, I am filled with joy~
My heart is happy to be dabbling in art again...

I have collected old watches, time pieces, alarm clocks...
Both the front and back of the enamel faces are beautiful!
I like the graphic numbers for my Steam Punk designs.

So many many graphic elements & gears!
Ooodles of possibilities waiting inside
each of these tiny treasures!

Art pieces as they are~ 
I LOVE how they add dimension and fun to my birds...
As soon as I finish painting my 2014 calendars
I will share some of my latest Steam Punk friends.

Wishing you joy and peace~

Sunday, October 9

My mom...

Rose Marie Newtown    May 29, 1929- October 4, 2011

My mom and dad are together again~
We said goodbye to mom on Tuesday.
An amazing woman... an amazing life.

I will write more soon, Sweet Friends~

Sunday, October 2

His gifts...

" should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty
of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God's sight."
1 Peter 3:4

I was working in the garden and saw this little snail friend...
I trotted up to the house for my camera~
To capture a simple beauty...

When a  friendly guest stopped by...

The bee stayed on one side of the blossom...
The snail was quite cozy in its sunny nest~
Shared space in the late summer sun.

We have soggy, rain-soaked days~
I hope your Sunday is sunny & bright!