Saturday, June 25

Antiquing DMC embroidery floss~

I have a few patterns designed that require muted colors~
I love to work with DMC floss & this spray lets me control
how much antiquing I want to add & the finished results are variegated.
Found 'Instant Antique' spray at a nearby quilt shop. 
There is a label warning: "Do not consume. Keep away from children."

I slid the labels off DMC cotton embroidery floss...
(so pretty!)

Just a few squirts down the line...

I flipped them over and pulled them into the little stain puddles...

I want to maintain some of the original color for brightness~

Pulled them apart just a touch & gave a 2nd squirt down the line...

DMC 746 is one of my favorite colors.
Easy to see the pretty variation you can get with just a few squirts!

Beautiful! Variegated!

Don't they look delicious?!

I'll share finished work here soon!
Hope your weekend is off to a great start~

Wednesday, June 22

Rise and Shine rooster punch needle

Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher Magazine selected my
'Rise & Shine' rooster design for their One Year Anniversary Issue!!

Every issue is packed full of wonderful projects~
So much talent!

"Painting with threads..."
Punch needle is a nice excursion from my watercolor painting
and design work. I am inspired to translate my original paintings
into fiber art patterns!
I originally planned to start a rug hooking hobby in 2011.
When I went to purchase all of the tools and materials
the shop owner could see the glazed look in my eyes.
I knew I would enjoy it! I knew I could do it!
However--- where would I store it all?
My studio is small and already filled to the rafters with paints, fabrics,
reference material... books, feathers, linens, shells, etc. (you know...)
We walked around her charming shop and I saw a
finished punch needle piece & fell head over heels for it!
I was hooked! ;)
The shop owner gathered the materials and sent me off.
Two days later I was back at her door with a finished design.
She asked me how I did it? I told her, "I simply painted with threads."

Punch needle work is very relaxing.
I love to bring my paintings to life with DMC floss... 
DMC colors match my designs so nicely and they have such a huge selection.

Hope your summer is off to a creative start, Friends!
All the best to you!

Monday, June 20

Summer has arrived~

The gardens are humming with bees...
The birds are chattering to each other!
Peonies fill the air with their sweet fragrance~
Rows & rows of pea pods are almost full and
nearly ready for picking while the rest of the garden grows sturdy!
Lawn chairs welcome neighbors & friends for a sit, chat and
a tall glass of lemonade~

Hope your summer is off to a great start, Friends!

Saturday, June 18

You are my sunshine punch needle

"You are my Sunshine" copyright 2016 Michelle L. Palmer

I love early mornings~
The sun just beginning to peek up from the hills...
"What will this day be like? I wonder..." (in Julie Andrews voice)

The gardens fresh with dew~
Birds chattering and calling to each other!

Hope your summer is off to a great start, Sweet Friends!

Wednesday, June 8

I love you to the moon and back~

copyright 2016 Michelle L. Palmer

From one of my early watercolor paintings!
I have wonderful memories of walking in the dew covered grass
with my dad, starlight nights~ brilliant moon lighting our way.
My dad whistled all the time~

My dad passed from cancer when I was in 7th grade~
Only wonderful memories of him fill my heart.

I spent endless hours meandering through pastures, streams,
ponds, abandoned farmhouses... swamps and woods~
My favorite pastime.
When a bird came near I would talk to my dad.
Chickadees and Cardinals would wake me in the morning~
Redwing Blackbirds would perch on cattails when I was
slopping through mud and grass tufts.
Robins would hop along stone walls... knowing I would leave
some of the wild black caps for them!
Mud Swallows would swoop and dive at me while I was mowing.
Eating bugs or not.. they were very intimidating!
Eastern Bluebirds would perch on weathered fence posts...
their feathers, brilliant blue as the summer sky.
The electric red & orange plumage of Tanagers and Orioles
would take my breath away~ they were rare and prompted a pause.

Companions still today and always finding their way into my illustrations~

Took similar starry night walks with our children~
They're in their 20's now... I still pull them outside
when the moon is just so.

Wishing your heart the sweetest memories~