Friday, January 29

Mixed Media Ladies...

Mixed Media Ladies Copyright Michelle L. Palmer

I have been working on a several new
mixed media pieces for fun.

I picked up a load of frames from Sherry's Bear
in Seneca Falls last week. She made up a collection
of vintage style frames for these tiny treasures!

I keep each design in their frame, with a foam
backing, while they're in progress as to
keep them flat and safe from our curious cats!

A few more finishing touches~
Some words...
Freehand sketching...
Related postage stamps...

But for today my studio is bustling with
feathered friends and mounds of work.
Play will wait...
Can never rush a very good thing!

Hope your weekend is wonderful~

Wednesday, January 27

Soft, Cozy... Kitty Perch?

Oooooh... it's fuzzy and collects hair!
A nice cozy spot to sit...
...until she started playing her bass!!!

Tippy boy is not a rock n' roll cat...

Sunday, January 24

Summer Memories to Paint...

A few of my snapshots from last summer.
I have pulled them out to work on a
floral pieces with hummingbirds!

Instead of the hummer feeder
I will add the bright and rosy flowers...
A different collection of photos that I took
while visiting a friends perennial gardens.

I have several reference books that
help me figure out the exact color...
But who can forget the iridescent hot pink throat
of these sweet little friends?

This extended January thaw has been a
welcome break from the harsh winter~
Photographs are a nice reminder that
warm sunny days are just around the corner!

Hope your day is beautiful!

Thursday, January 21

Winter Walk...

A sweet winter visitor... a January Wholly Bear

Working from home is a joy~
I'm very grateful to have a small sun porch,
turned artist studio, where I paint...
there are art supplies in every
nook & cranny of our home.

From time to time we pull fold-up tables out,
set them up in the living room and craft for days!
What a fine mess that typically makes!

During the winter or through long deadlines,
working from home can become a little tedious.
I don't get to leave the office...
It's attached to the house!

We have enjoyed a nice January thaw...
I'm able to get out for walks because the snow isn't
up to my knees right now.

This soft, feather-like snowfall was beautiful...

The songbirds chatting to each other at the feeders...

My little pup sniffing the newly exposed grass...

...and this SWEET little friend!

We didn't get around to replacing
a small piece of molding...
I'm sure he could feel the heat loss
from yards away...
or maybe smell chocolate chip cookies baking?

Either way... the perfect break from the studio.

Hmmm... I wonder what else has found its
way in through the wee-little space?

Hope you have a sweet day!

Wednesday, January 20

Michelle Palmer Designs...

My feathered friends are popping up everywhere!
Mulberry Hollow
Roseann Wetzel, Owner
235 West Main Street - Palmyra, New York
has my new line, "Faith in America"

Legacy Publishing has the most beautiful products...
I LOVE what they have done with my designs!

Later this year I will be doing an artist signing
at Mulberry Hollow when my calendars arrive!
Roseann, a dear friend... called me on Monday
to let me know the collection she ordered had arrived!
I had to scoot over and snap a photo of her~
She's a gem & has the cutest gift shop...
You will love her store!
She will soon be off to market to find more treasures!

Hope you have a wonderful day~

Tuesday, January 19

A Peek at Marjolein...

One of my Marjolein nooks...

Suzanne, from All kinds of everything...
sent me the most wonderful note with links
to a museum and video clips about
Marjolein Bastin!
Be sure to welcome Suzanne into the
fun world of blogging... her art looks beautiful!

Marjolein Bastin links for you to enjoy...
Thank you, Suzanne!
Tekeningen van Marjolein Bastin
Noordbrabants Museum

Monday, January 18

My Artist Signing...

I love to meet sweet people!
I tend to be the person who likes to
hang in the background... a worker bee...

I have to say it was wonderful
to connect with artists,
manufacturers and buyers!


Hope your week is off to a great start~

Thursday, January 14

I Met Marjolein!

Marjolein Bastin
Artist signing in Atlanta...
I was 5th in line...
Choking back tears...
This is the treasured gift she signed for guests!

It was amazing to finally meet Marjolein~
I have collected her books, cards, Vera Mouse...
magazine pages from Libelle (Netherlands)
...even though I don't know what it says~
for over 25 years.

Such a gracious, sweet person.

Wishing you dreams that come true!!!

Thursday, January 7

Quilting... Vintage Patterns...

700 Olde Time Needlecraft
Designs & Patterns

Copyright House of White Birches, Inc. 1970

Many of my watercolor designs have been
made into the sweetest fabrics...
I have bins of samples!

Both of my sisters quilt and sew...

I love fabric...

I don't sew.

But when I find an AMAZING book like this
it becomes one of the best references I have.

I incorporate quilt patterns into many of my paintings.
(I'll show you some of my Birds & Stitches program next)

This book is from 1970
52 pages filled with similar, detailed images

I just wanted to share a peek in case you
ever see one listed on Ebay, etc.
I think it is worth it to try a little searching.

There are pages with complete directions
on how to make tatted trims, crocheted trims...
doily directions... crocheted edgings and
serviceable patterns...

Below are several vintage fabric/quilt pieces
that I just received as a gift from my cousins in Arizona!
Pretty sure she said they were from old flour sacks?
I'll double check on that...

...pretty little pieces
oh the owl & bird projects running through my mind!
They will require some hand stitching...
It will be worth it!

I just love the acorn pattern...

Happy stitching!

Wednesday, January 6

Tufted Titmouse...

A snippet from one of my original watercolors...

There is one giant bright side to all of the
wintry weather we are having...
Songbirds are flooding our feeders!

This morning I was our shoveling the path and
a flurry of these soft gray friends gathered
around our main feeder...
my favorite buff belly friends!

Morning doves were conversing about the
new snow cover and how difficult it was to gather
a morsel... so during a brief "fly away" I scooted
to the feeder & shook a fresh snack down for them.

The cardinals so vibrant against the
bright white backdrops...

Blue Jays that seem to be taking turns...

The woodpeckers sit close to the suet cake
waiting patiently for the nuthatch
to grab a nibble & flitter off...

Our teens love to watch the feeder frenzy.
They remember years of sledding~
She in her bright red snowsuit, pulling little brother
around on a slippery red sled...
They would stop, plop down on a pile of fluff
and watch the birds fly in for their meals.
Together they made small piles of seed &
would try to guess which bird would arrive first!
Our girl...
mittens off...
sorting the black sunflower
from the cracked corn from the millet...
"to make it easier for them~"

So go ahead and snow...
I love to watch it fall like feathers~
around our feathered friends.

Monday, January 4

Little Miss Winter...

Little Miss Winter
Copyright Michelle L. Palmer

Vintage paper from the late 1800's
I just love her little face...
To be able to capture the period & emotion...

I wish the artists had signed their names.
Most of these old images are nameless silhouettes.
Would love to Google them and learn of
all their art adventures~

More designs to come...
I must first shovel some more and
more & more snow!

Saturday, January 2

New Year... New Projects...

The Pianist
Copyright Michelle L. Palmer

I have collected old (VERY OLD) paper
for almost 25 years.
I love the worn, torn... yellowed,
spottled... treasures!
I have started using the ORIGINAL papers
to make one of a kind mixed media designs.
This beautiful black and white illustration
is from an 1893 publication...

I have tried all types of copies of these rare images
and they seem to lose their charm when applied.
Either the paper is too thick, too shiny or wrinkles.
I will try to have high quality scans and copies
made of the finished designs...
Maybe that will be a successful way to save
a much treasured image!

I'm so excited to begin sharing these rare pieces!
Hope your day is wonderful~