Monday, September 24

Donkeys Hooked Rug~

Sweet Jasper & Snickers~ 39" x 30" copyright 2018 Michelle L. Palmer

These furry loves have been very patient!
A beautiful summer... a very hot summer, I started this rug in early July.
Too much wool to have covering my lap until the cooler days arrived.

In a blink our evenings are chilly and the donkeys are perfect
to relax with after work~

I was a little nervous to begin Jasper...
He is the sweetest fella and I hope to capture a likeness.
From a distance animals have a general similarity~
Up close, they're unique.
Up close, they're endearing.
They touch and come close~

I'll share pictures as Jasper and Snickers fill in more~
Working with #4, #6 and #7 strips on primitive linen.

Wishing you joy-filled Autumn days, Friends!