Monday, May 27

Land That I Love~ Memorial Day

Honoring and remembering
soldiers and service members who
gave their life in service...
Memorial Day and every day.

'Land that I Love' is No. 3 in my Fraktur series~
Each rug measures 24" x 22"
Hooked with wool strips. I used #6, #7 & #8 wool cuts.
I am having such a fun time with this collection!
There is something about wool...
Warms ones soul~

No. 2 in my Fraktur series...
This design was inspired by walks along the Erie Canal Path...
Beautiful poison sumac blossoms with their long and draping leaves~
Green, deep sage with a hint of chartreuse... with a little wheat, gold, salmon..
They are fond of color changes!
Birds & chipmunks live along the pathway... waterfront real estate~
They must deposit sunflower seeds for snacks and 
then forget where they stashed them~
Every now and again a brilliant yellow sunny flower will peek up!

The illustrated collection is titled Frakturs & Flourishes.
Red Rooster Fabrics designed a fabric line from them.
I love putting down lines with my dip pens and homemade walnut ink.
Lines flow naturally, unevenly...
Curves and swirls fall into place as if they were following
the trail of a butterfly.
Tulips in Springtime and my mother loved bleeding hearts.
Purple crocus peeking through just as Robins are building their nests!
Earth day is in April... I thought the dome with the sun would
be a nice way to cover the birds just as treetops do.

Wool is a flourish of its own~
No extra effort needed!

Gold Star Families~ remembering you, too.
Peace and love~