Friday, June 25

Blue & Yellow Tansy


Every now and then~ something fun to stitch on.
Sharing the yellow that goes with my blue spice jar~
I have had so much fun stitching my yellow blossom heads.
I knew they would be pretty as single buttons~ even if it took me months.
They stitch up quickly!

Sharing little notes on most photographs.
My foundation cloth is heavy weight wool.

Both wool pieces are mottled blue. One dark, one pale.

I arranged & stapled all of the button blossoms at the same time.
The stapled pieces stayed in place nicely.

I like to use #12 weight Valdani threads, variegated.

I save all of my wool scrap bits and pieces... 
Perfect way to add variety and texture without the expense
of purchasing many different colors.
You could also purchase a mottled yellow for color variety.

 My small thread minder has a magnet stitched inside.
Perfect for keeping track of staples as I slide them out. 

Sewline fabric glue stick~
Allowed me to curve and shape my narrow stems!

The tansy in our garden is happily invasive~
Each year the patch moves out 8"-10'' 
Something later in the summer for bees to enjoy!

Hope your Friday is off to a great start, Friends~
Thank you for stopping by!