Thursday, February 28

Brown Transferware...

I gather treasures with imperfections~
Chips, stains, crazing...
There is a history. A touch. A memory. It has been used, loved.

We need to take each other for exactly who we are~
We are all treasures!

Tuesday, February 26

Garden rabbit~

March is rapidly approaching!
I'm getting an itch to garden~

Weeks away from playing outside... this little friend & I will be patient!

Hope your week is off to a great start~

Sunday, February 24

Needle felted bunny group~

I have not figured out the correct term for each poke or stitch
my felting needle takes... but each little friend has thousands~

My new choir of bunnies!
Some so very shy...
I love watching our son sing~ a wonderful Tenor 1...
The tilt of his head when the song changes minor.

The elder (lil bit larger bunny) leads them in song~

The Pastel Quartet!

Whispering the correct lyrics into a friends ear...

The shy soloist~

Little voices that pack of punch of emotion~

Chin up!

Spring pastels~
March is expected to come in like a lion in our little corner.

Each little bunny with their own sweet song...

...and their own fluffy, snow-white tails!

Wishing you a day filled with joy and a song in your heart!

Saturday, February 23

Watercolor painting, Busy as a Bee~

Busy as a Bee
Copyright Michelle L. Palmer

Hope your weekend is off to a great start and
that you're keeping Busy as a Bee with all you love!

Wednesday, February 20

Inspirational journals...

His Word is in my heart~

I paint with joy and a grateful heart~

I'm sharing these artist samples with a local Christian group
Impact Theatre a small way to help them continue to share His love & truths.

Beautiful journals & more available from Divinity Boutique!

Artist samples are a treat~
To hold a product in my hand, from one of my paintings!

This design is also on a garden flag!
Imagine how fun, to be driving down the road...
One of our teens shout out, "Mom! One of your flags!"

I give thanks to God~
For every gift He has given me.

I give thanks to God for each of you~
Who continually encourage and support me!

Wishing you a joy-filled day!

Tuesday, February 19

Friends in my studio...

Starting my day in the studio with some hot tea...

A tiny cake...
The sweetest of feathered friends!

Hope your Tuesday is filled with wonderful~

Sunday, February 17

Giveaway winner & Etsy treasures~

Thank you for so many sweet and wonderful comments!
Sandi's name was pulled from the hat~ she chose bunny friends!

Donna won the little bear from my Facebook page!
Donna is an artist herself... the sweetest imagination~
I hope you will visit both Donna & Sandi!

Another giveaway is just around the corner...
The remainder of my little pen & ink illustrations
will be available in my Etsy shop!

Hope your weekend is filled with all that you love~

Friday, February 15

Giveaway time!


Spring is beginning to step out...
Here and there!


Friends sharing photos of flowers breaking through on their
Blogs and Facebook pages~


Friends sharing about going to their local garden nursery~
Preparing their gardens for Spring!


Get's a girl like me itching for Springtime~
Even with winter winds blowing and the promise of new snowfall!


So I draw!
Bunnies... bees... baby chicks and birds~
Some have tossed off their winter coats and have dressed
themselves in trendy spring attire!


About the GIVEAWAY!!!
To WIN~ please leave a comment on this post!
YOU must tell me which collection is your favorite!
For if your name is pulled from the bucket~
The collection you mentioned in your comment...
(Titles written in parentheses below each photograph)
...Will be the collection you win!

There is a 2nd chance to win, too!
On my Facebook page!
If you "LIKE" my page & leave a comment there, too...
You will have a chance to win the sweet teddy sketch posted!

I love sharing through my Blog and Facebook~
Thank you for being patient with the "security code" feature here
when leaving your sweet comments!
I don't miss the spam comments that were so unpleasant~

Hope you have a great day!
BOTH GIVEAWAY drawings will end Sat. afternoon Feb. 16th~
The fabric treasures remaining will be added to my Etsy store!

Hope you have a GREAT DAY!!!

Tuesday, February 12

Vintage Ephemera~

The pages that they kept~
Shared chores, favorite pastimes...
Or were they an artist?
Saving the images for reference of times & styles?

A clip that looked like a baby sister,
A mischievous pup that always took their favorite toy?
Or how the artist captured the sweetest portrait of a child...
The adorable dress & hat of the young girl?

A gardener with cherished clips to cheer them through the winter?
An artist keeping plant reference?

Either way~ I am inspired and in awe of every little clip!
The dandelion prophet is very sweet~
They are all flowers to me!

Fruit seemed so much "juicier" as a child!
A bite into a fresh peach and my shirt was soggy~

Pages that tell a story...

This scrapbook artist captured my heart~
Images of flowers...
A gentle reminder that I need to get laundry started...
Thankfully, no need to scrub in a tub!

I gather little snippets of joy~
Hope you do too!

Monday, February 11

Needle felted whiskers n' wool...

On Friday, I was able to put the finishing touches two
art deadlines so I spent the weekend playing!!!

Wonder what their conversations were as they waited
for their pretty colors...

My little sketches brought to 3-D...

This sweet little girl is a Valentine for a very dear friend!
All dressed in a little yellow raincoat~
Ready for her journey west!

Fox friend...
Found the perfect color roving!

Petite little me...

Sweet and simple elephant~

Bunny with the long ears...
Long white kitty whiskers to match!
Found another whisker just this morning when I was
gathering laundry~ was stuck in one of Sadie's favorite blankets.

Nose to nose... the little salmon bunny said,
"Thank you for stopping by, Sweet Friends!"