Saturday, July 18

Promised Peeks!

Chipping Sparrows

I've been painting a new collection!
These are a few cropped bits n' pieces to share...


Sweet little Tufted Timouse pair!

More peeks soon...
Hope you have a beautiful weekend!

Thursday, July 16

Summer Has Finally Arrived...

A few sunny pictures to share...
We have had a cool, wet summer.

Pretty sure we saw a garden fairy riding
on a snails back enjoying a cup of hot cocoa
the other day!

But today is warm!
The sun feels good... and the lawn needs mowing~

I've been working long hours in the studio~
Will have a few bits n' pieces of my
new paintings to share with all of you
in a few days!
Birds n' flowers!
Can never have toooo many :)

Hope your day is wonderful!

Wednesday, July 8

New Blog... You'll Love Her!

A photo our sweet daughter took... share a favorite blog with you
Tracy Whitney!
Artist Mom Wife... etc. etc. etc!

You've gotta stop by & see her blog...

She'll make you smile...
Share some projects...
Our son is in some of the
recital pictures she has posted...

Click on her name to find her site!
Great fun~

Thursday, July 2

Garden Pest Fun...

Summer Snailz
Copyright Michelle L. Palmer

Had to have some fun with our daughter...
She loves to take evening walks
with our black lab~
They're buds!
Some snails disturbed their stroll...

We have had a lot of rain, so the flower beds
seem to be full of slugs & snails.
They devour plants!
The other night, several S&S's were on the brick
path...our pup was sniffin' them out
and our girl was doing her best to
relocate them across the road!
Slimy~ Messy~ Yucky!

So I made some her favorite color!
Tie Dye!
Now when she steps on them in the dark
She just pictures them in full color...

Hope your day is wonderful!