Thursday, January 31

Needle felted bunny ...

A little peek...

His name is Kipper-2 until his Momma names him!
He is a twin brother to my Kipper~ "Keeper of the studio!"
Our bunny friend is on his way to a wonderful,
creative, loving home in Nevada!
I will need to find another felting project to
keep my lap warm at night!

Kipper-2 has been to the beach~
A starfish held onto his hat when a big wave splashed up!

Back to the studio for me!
I've been having a great time painting for deadlines &
tucking in a few fun programs, too~
Thank you for so many sweet comments for my bird notes!

Praying all are safe with these wild winter weather days~
Wishing you joy!

Thursday, January 24

Birdsong note cards~

Just makes my heart dance when my art samples arrive!

I miss fussing in the garden and our little feathered friends
perching nearby... I am patient during the winter months~
Well... I try to be!

This portfolio of twenty four notes (two of each design)
will be for sale at school, office and hospital book sales!
I'm trying to purchase a few extras so that I can have a giveaway!!

The outside of the cards have this beautiful texture...

In my handwriting... notes about our little friends nests, eggs, songs etc.~

I hope you are staying cozy through these wild winter days~
My pup stays snuggled on a fleece blanket I topped her studio bed with.
The studio is cold & she insists on keeping me company!
(and I LOVE her for it)

Wonder what our garden friends chat about...

Perhaps the Goldfinch tells the Bluebird where to find plump grubs~
Pretty sure the Bluebird gives the Goldfinch his blessing
 to eat ALL of the thistle seed as it swings from the mesh sock!
They just might be having a laugh at my attempts to
keep our gardens weeded~

Hope all is well in your hearts and homes~
Thank you for your wonderful comments!

Thursday, January 17

Watercolor friends share love~

We all have different ways to say, "I Love You"

Sometimes we share little gifts that are nutritious~

Sometimes it is a nice box of chocolates...

Parties are always nice!

Favorite flowers bring smiles...

A little bit of this, little bit of that~ just to make sure!

A cozy nest~
My favorite way to show family & friends, "I Love You!"

Hope all of you are staying cozy & warm in your nests~

Tuesday, January 15

Valentine Pen & Inks~

Remember giving Valentine's in elementary school?

Weak knees...

It was fun decorating the lunch bag~
Then.... having to wait ALL DAY to peek at the little Valentines!
There it was, hanging from your desk~

What we didn't know at the time~
We had to wait until the end of the day because some had to make theirs.
While we were kept busy...
Friends were fussing with construction paper, glue & glitter & love!

How I LOVE to make Valentines!

These little fabric sketches are perfect to pin to
folded card stock, fat quarters, bits of lace~

A gift that will transform into a
little craft project that says I Love You, too!

I think I remember feeling like this...
My hands full of Valentines~ but so very bashful!

These little treasures & more are in my Etsy shop!

Hope your week is off to a great start!
All of these little friends sharing LOVE with each of you~

Sunday, January 13

Palettes to organize!

I have collected paper art pieces since I was in college~
My idea of fun when I was 18?
Antique shows, festivals... estate sales... auctions.

Most of my palette finds were less than $1. each~

I'm never bothered by condition...
The less perfect~ the more loved!

Met a woman who deals in paper...
Boy does she have cool things!
I help her sort, move etc. work off a few palettes!

When I have "collections" they are from her stash.
Her prices were so reasonable...  because she has a love of paper.
A wonderful gift from her~ knowledge.

Some have advertising~

Some in my collection are pages from old magazines
that someone saved & preserved~

Funny little pup trying to entertain the struggling artist!

Calling cards...
Look at the precious little expression of the little one!

Time frozen on a palette...
Much the same as the artists who painted history for us~

You must notice my favorites?

A couple with birds~

Beautiful ladies...


Most favorite!
That would be a fun place to paint~

Wrapped in plastic~
Tossed in baskets, tucked inside books, in the bottom of postcard boxes...
Turn over every rock!
Peek behind every bush!

How I love to play in my studio~
Fussing with piles that have hidden moments.
An excuse to look at ALL when I put two little treasures away.

Hope your Sunday is filled with joy!

Saturday, January 12

More little friends to share!

Otters with flowers...
Fuzzy feathered friends...
Curly little mouse tails...
& Love~

They will be in my Etsy shop!