Sunday, July 28

You're a treasure~

Because you are amazing!
You are exactly who you're supposed to be~

You're beautiful, Friends!

Hope you have a wonderful day~

Monday, July 22

Quilt Labels

After so many days of rain~ we're enjoying the sunshine!

Every little friend agrees~

Sweet friends visit me in the garden~

The stars and the lightening bugs dance in the night~

After a long day... it's time for tea~

Wishing you sunshine on your shoulders & a song in your heart!

Saturday, July 20

Good Morning, Sweet Friends!
I hope your weekend is off to a great start~

We have cooler temps and a nice breeze this morning.
The storms that passed across the East were fierce!
Do hope all are safe and didn't suffer severe damage.

Sharing two new prints I have added to my 2nd Etsy shop~
When I first opened my business my father-in-law made
the strap steel bracket in this picture to hold my shop sign!
I only kept the store open for a short time because
local art festivals made it impossible to keep up with both.
The bracket has become a favorite perch for our feathered friends.
Sweet Peas climb a nearby trellis and spill over to the post & bracket.
The Sweet Peas are from my grandmother's city garden.
She had them growing along a long chain link fence in the 50's & 60's. 

My heart skips a beat when I see flow blue...
I love all colors.
When asked, "What is your favorite color?" I have to think!
It depends on the day... my mood... where I'm standing... the weather...
What I'm working on... the flowers in bloom... (you get the idea)
Color pairs are even more fun!
Yellow & Blue do top my list.
Pink & Sage...
Red & Aqua...

Sweet feathered friends with their big personalities... the perfect colors!
The sweetest of subjects~

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, July 18

Echinacea & Bumble Bees

"Mr. Fuzz-Butt"

This morning Pup & I had a fine time in the gardens...
The scent of my bug repellent overpowered any sweet blossoms~
The bees didn't seem to be too repelled by me!

My sweet friend Debra from Sparrowgrass shared that she pet a bumble bee!
I thought of trying...
Chickened out!
(I hope you'll visit her blog... filled with delight~)

All sorts of bees... every shape & size~
Makes my heart smile!

This wee little guy finally landed... TINY!!
Cannot hear his movements~ so smooth and still!

Milkweed pit-stop...
This friend was dashing about~ not very easy to catch with the camera!

Hope your day has been BEEzy with wonderful projects~

Sunday, July 14

Garden Friends~

Remember the song by ABBA... "Dancing Queen?"
I emailed this photograph to a sweet friend and she wrote back
sharing that the bee looked as if it were dancing on the flower!
How sweet they are to see and hear around our gardens~
Yesterday was a chorus of bees!

Red Admiral was very patient while I took oodles of pictures on our Sweet Peas~
The Trumpet Vine and Sweet Peas are participating in some form of
Garden Olympics! Each climbing to the top of a nearby baby Maple tree!
With all the rain, heat & humidity... who will reach the top first?!

Hope your day is filled with pleasant visitors~

Saturday, July 13

American Goldfinch & Peonies

"Peony Perch"
A new print available in my 2nd Etsy Shop

Reminds me of pink lemonade...
So many colors pair beautifully~ yellow and pink are soft & shabby chic!

In our gardens Goldfinch perch anywhere their little hearts choose to!
Some of our Peonies are sturdy and the Goldfinch perch on the buds...
Swaying back and forth when they land.
Wonder if they find the bouncing-sway to be a fun ride?

Our daughter brings bouquets of blossoms in all summer~
Her windowsill is line with creamers, jars, bottles & blossoms.
I thought her Peony arrangement would be sweet with two bright yellow friends!

Hope your weekend is off to a sunny start!

Wednesday, July 10

Seashells & Sandpipers

Hello, Sweet Friends!
Do hope you are having some sunny days at the shore~
We have been enjoying day after day of rain.
Do wish we had a way to share some with those of you praying for rains!

"Seashells & Sandpipers"
A new print available now from my 2nd Etsy Shop!
Seashells & Sandpipers was featured for June 2013 in my calendar
"Outside My Window" with Legacy Publishing Group

This is a peek at one corner of my little studio...
I have a corner cabinet that this antique cheese box sits on~
Filled with larger shells and gorgeous starfish.
I love to gather favorite things for still life studies!
Add two feathered friends...

Wishing you all the best!

Monday, July 8

Fabric Illustrations in my Etsy shop...

Little feathered friends reminding me of His wonderful promises~

 Dancing girls in vintage dresses...

Sharing my heart through these little fabric originals~

Each of your comments bring my heart joy! Thank you for visiting~

This little friend would like a little rest from all of our thunder storms~

Not sure why... when I started drawing this mouse her expression 
reminded me of an expecting momma~

This little friend is much more calm than I would be!

A bird was flying along-side our car the other day... 
So very beautiful!

~ Love~

I just added forty new treasures to my Etsy Shop!

Thank you for visiting!
I hope your week is off to a wonderful start~

Saturday, July 6

You're all so very sweet!

This little Lady is sharing a sweet gift~
Just like each of you!

Thank you for each of your comments...
For following this wonderful art journey I'm blessed to be on...
You make my heart smile!

Friday, July 5


Look how lovely!
These adorable project bags are made by
She sent a link to show how she was adding my little pen & ink
illustrations to her projects!

Her Etsy shop has wonderful treasures...

I love her fabrics and colors...

I love to share what creative hearts have made with my fabric sketches~

This fabric with the bees is just too cute!
Thank you, Catharina~
How very wonderful they all are!

Hope your Friday is filled with wonderful~

Thursday, July 4

Little friends celebrate America!

Do you wear stars or stripes on July 4th?
My little friends love to dress in red, white & blue!

They look out for each other...
Fireworks frighten Little Mouse!
This parade hat is the perfect place to take cover from the loud BANG!!!!

Little pup has the wind in his face... he's hitting the road!
Please be safe, Sweet Friends!

Wait for me!
Wait for me!
Bear promises to get her friends to the picnic on time~
They wouldn't want the honey pie to be served before they arrive!

Hope your 4th of July celebrations are safe & filled with fun!
Celebrating all who came before us to build our treasured country~
Thankful to all who cherish it today!