Sunday, December 30

Snow cuddles watercolor...

It just keeps snowing~
& snowing~
& snowing....

Hope you get a chance to cuddle in with those you love!

Friday, December 28

Snow business...

Guess who has been playing in the snow?
Our little feathered friends are so beautiful against the white!

There is beautiful white everywhere!
Around 12"-16" of the pretty.....heavy stuff~

The bunnies are enjoying more peelings...
The birds have been snacking on suet cakes~
Thistle socks & black oil sunflower seeds.
Mourning Doves are content to snack on the seed
finicky feathered friends shower the ground with!

They share love back~

I share that love with you!
Hope your festive season is filled with great memories &
visits from cozy little friends!

Monday, December 24

Merry Christmas to all~

From my heart~
May your Christmas be filled with joy...
Wonderful memories~
Moments that remind you of goodness~
Memories of those who have touched your heart...
& Love.... LOADS of LOVE!

Thank you for your friendships~
Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 23

Snowy friends...

No matter what age~
When it snows we remember the joy!

Our winter weather brought 5"+ and strong winds.
A little friend has snacked on our compost goodies...
The winds cleared away their tracks!

These sketched friends, I imagine, dined on our fruit & veggie compost!

Over the river and through the woods...
Stopping in for pineapple, potato & apple skins~

Packing their pockets with snacks for their Christmas journey!

Snow friends have started popping up everywhere~

Vintage sugar sacks & quilt labels...
We watched "A Christmas Story" as a family last night~
I drew!

Tonight we will watch "Elf"...
I have a small pile of muslin to draw on while we watch!

Time to make our first cookies~
We make a different tasty recipe each day (or so) for dessert &
freeze the left overs to munch on later!

Hope your days are filled with Holiday~ Christmas cheer!

Friday, December 21


Rejoice with those who rejoice;
mourn with those who mourn.

Romans 12:15

Thursday, December 20

Let it snow~

We're expecting a blanket of white~

I've brought peelings and cores to the compost area...
Soon we will see little footprints in the snow identifying
the friends who enjoy our fruit n' veggie treats!

Warm woolen projects the next few days~
Cookies must wait!
Dust bunnies will grow...
Christmas gifts to be made!

Hope your days is filled with joy~

Sunday, December 16

New colors!

I love color!
Some artist palettes are rich with very few colors~
Their works are breathtakingly beautiful!

...and then there is me.

So many watercolors I have filled two large palettes...
Atop my large palettes, are wee little Ironstone
butter pats & children's dishes from tea sets
filled with "new & exciting" color finds!
I only have a morsel of what is available... for now! (giggle)
I have been painting for over 25 years...
It keeps me on my toes!

Two new colors have made their way into my heart and
onto my ever-expanding art palettes...
Inspired by the beautiful muted holly that you can see on our antique saucer.
Holbein Yellow Grey and Holbein Imidazolone Brown!

Guess what I've been painting?

Hope your evening is filled with color!

Friday, December 14

Sweet little originals...

Alaina & I were going to surprise the guys and get our Christmas tree today...
It was sunny!
Not too cold~

We have been getting "little trees" the past few years~
So we were confident we could handle the task...

She started working on a final college project...

I've been putting the finishing touches on special order watercolors...

Darkness fell and we still have no tree...

I'm close to chopping off a low-hanging Maple tree limb & adding lights!

On the bright side!
The longer we wait... the longer it will last~

When we finally make it to the tree farm~
Feathered friends &critters with furry tails will be cheering us on!

As I looked out my studio window this afternoon~ 
Something LARGE caught my eye!
I slowly... quietly... stealth-fully searched for a camera!
This picture was taken through sheer curtains~
Red Tail Hawk! 

Isn't it enormous?!
Beautiful friend~ probably caught a glimpse of the Chipmunk
community taking over our backyard.

This last little friend is sharing his heart~
Prayers are with all in Newtown, Connecticut.

Wednesday, December 12

Here a bunting... there a bunting...

Little friends are trying to come in and stay warm...
I think they enjoy knocking Christmas ornaments off the tree!
How else do they end up on the floor?

 Teddy bears might move about at night and bump the ornaments...

Perhaps there is still an owl in our tree?!

Birds have been perching on our window sills...
Peeking at the seasonal decor?
I should decorate their branches with weatherproof ornaments!

The nights have been very clear... can count the stars above!

I've added two of these treasures to my Etsy store!
More linens and sketches to come...

Hope your day is filled with joy!

Sunday, December 9

You can make them, too!

I have never stamped fabric... I LOVE to draw on it!
 I needed to make 32 ornaments.
Thought about drawing Grenadier Guards for each one...

This was more "teen-like" 
I like to use Stazon permanent ink pads~
They worked GREAT on the muslin!

Hot glue for the twine/string & then little fabric patches to cover the glue.
I see Christmas favors...
Baby shower favors...
Napkin rings...
What I DO SEE are oodles of new pen & ink illustrations
on fabric coming this week! Tis the season for Christmas movies
and I make my little treasures during my TV time!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Friday, December 7

Gifts you can make...

Made these little treasures for a school fundraiser...
One of the adorable therapy dogs that make our children smile!

I drew her sweet little face in pen and ink~
Had copies made on quality paper & started to cut and paste!

People love handmade...
I treasure handmade...
Gifts from your heart to their hearts!

Hope your day is filled with creative!

Wednesday, December 5

White Birch Cove fabric collection...

A peek! My new fabric collection available this March!
Red Rooster Fabrics has made another amazing fabric program
from my original watercolors of Canada geese, Mallard ducks,
Salmon & fish, moose, fox, bear....

Bittersweet, leaves and forest evergreens!

White birch is perfect for every season...
Red Rooster Fabrics has an amazing quite pattern using these fabrics
on their web site... Peek by clicking HERE!

A HUGE thank you to all who have purchased
my Postcard Garden fabric collection, too!

I'm so grateful for companies like Red Rooster Fabrics~ 
They bring my work to life!
So very thankful to YOU!
It is AMAZING to see what you make with my fabrics!
Thankful to each of you who visit my blog, your comments...
Thank you for supporting my Christmas & everyday cards,
Home decor,  calendars... flags, fabrics... ornaments...
Linens... laces... etc.~ and my one of a kind Etsy treasures!

I love being an artist... and sharing my joy with you!
Hope your day is filled with wonderful~

Sunday, December 2

My little watercolors...

I hope your holiday season is off to a joyful start!

Our feathered friends are warm one day,
swirling through snow the next!

Cardinals are so brilliant against the white winter sky...

Bird in the hand...

Feathered friends visit!
Just added a few new originals to my Etsy store~
Hoping for a sunny day to take photographs of more treasures!

We have not decorated inside yet...
The greens on our windows and front door dress us up a little!
Christmas music dresses our hearts~

Hope you have a wonderful week!