Monday, May 30

Memorial Day~

"Memorial Hill" Copyright Michelle L. Palmer

Today and everyday~
Remembering those who gave their all for our freedom, liberty, peace...

I keep my poppy collection in a small salt box~
One always is attached to my rearview mirror,
put there after thanking a Veteran.
I say a little prayer for our soldiers every time I see it.
That ALL will be home safe and sound, soon.

Hope your Holiday is relaxing and safe~

Tuesday, May 24


It is very difficult to stay still in my studio chair when the garden is calling~

It is best to bring the garden inside from time to time~

Especially when it smells so heavenly~

Beauty I will never be able to capture!

Colors that inspire~

A gradient wash of dark to light!

Each with their own name~

Some have giant petals... others are petite~
Some have no fragrance!

We named this variety 'Home' because I dug and relocated several suckers
from my mom and dads gardens when we moved here 25 years ago!

How I wish I could share their beautiful scent with you~
Wishing your heart joy!

Thursday, May 19

Copyright 2016 Michelle L. Palmer

Alaina and I drove from New York to Arizona two summers back~
This design has been in the works since our journey.
Each state along the way had its own beauty and
unique characteristics~
The soil colors changed...
The landscape became open & endless.
The cultures rich and the people along the way~ AMAZING!

Alaina helping me select the perfect background colors~

My Grandma Newtown was Native American~ a treasured heritage.
I didn't have the privilege of knowing her. She passed long before my birth.
 My dad was an amazing man
who spoke of her often and loved her dearly.
Alaina's love of heritage and history~ of nature and this beautiful land
would make her extremely proud.

Hope your day is filled with beauty~

Friday, May 13

Rise & Shine Rooster punch needle~

Celebrating their First Year Anniversary!

"Rise & Shine" Rooster in Sunflowers is one of my patterns!
PN & PS selected it to be on their cover!
I started 'painting with threads' several years ago as a hobby~
I shared a post about my first snowman here!
It helps me to step away from the studio and unwind at night.
(Helps me to stay awake after 8pm, too!) 

Facebook and blogging friends had asked if I would write patterns~
I finally had the courage to write patterns after subscribing to PN & PS.
Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher Magazine is a wonderful publication.
It is filled with patterns, tips, hints and creative ideas.
Project levels from beginners to people who stitch in their sleep ;)
I just know you will be inspired!

Thank you for encouraging me, Sweet Friends!
Hope your weekend is filled with creative~

Monday, May 9

Punch needle Lab pup~

I think this Patriotic Lab and his companion, Bluebird of Happiness,
enjoy their daily travels!
Searching out ducks and bunnies...
Jumping in puddles and ponds...
Enjoying sunsets...

A set of two patterns!
I think they would make fun magnets~
The oval shape would be fun added to a tote bag, too!

Another set of two patterns~
Our weather has been a bit cold...
The gardens are calling yet the wind has a chill.
Bees have been dashing around the dandelions that have popped up!

Hope your week is off to a great start, Sweet Friends!

Sunday, May 8

Happy Mother's Day~

Happy Mother's Day, Friends!
Celebrating all women who share their hearts, wipe tears,
patch up skinned knees and troubled hearts~ 
Women who share hugs, smiles and encouragement. 
Women who build things, cook things & clean things
while cuddling a little one on your hip~
Women who balance impossible tasks while
tucking precious hearts in with bedtime stories. 
Women who cheer on, deliver from place to place,
keep meals on the table no matter the budget~
Women who strive to be their very best no matter how tired~
Women who hear what is not being said...heart emoticon
For loving unconditionally... heart emoticon
Wishing you the most wonderful Mother's Day~