Monday, September 23

Needle Felted Frost on the Pumpkins

I know that pumpkins do not grow where our little Polar friends roam...
This little guys has picked the perfect pumpkin for himself!
Please meet "Frost!"

I have been sketching little owls for my needle felted patch~
Blackbirds & a wee little mouse will find their way, too!

We have not had our first frost of the season...
I am still enjoying the Zinnias & Sweet Peas!
Our Goldfinch visitors have been enjoying the Echinacea seeds...
They will have full tummies with this years yield!

Hope your Monday is off to a great start!

Sunday, September 22

Needle Felted Pumpkins

I hope your first day of Autumn is off to a great start!
A harvest chill in the air...
Pumpkin cookies planned for dessert...
I'm am cozy in my studio where I have surrounded myself
with the most beautiful  fall tones~ wool roving everywhere!

I think I will add a few little birds...
An owl or two...

Yesterday hubby and I put our walking shoes on, carried empty canvas totes,
With sturdy umbrellas protecting us~ we gathered!
Our first time at the Finger Lakes Fiber Festival 
was a complete success!
Like a kid in a candy shop... wide-eyed and searching for the perfect pieces!
The colors were wonderful!
Watching folks spin fibers, hook rugs... talk about their beloved fiber growers~
Oh the animals are so dear!

I wanted to share my umbrella with this little love~
They were happy & content munching on the long, deep green, fairground grass!

I will be getting a giveaway together, Sweet Friends...
To celebrate 1,000 + followers!!!

I'm so glad you share this wonderful journey with me~
Hope you have a creative & COZY week!

Tuesday, September 17

Harvest Treasures!

Doesn't this little guy look like he has a pout on?
I just love how little sketches turn out sometimes... even surprise me!

Peek a boo in the sunflower patch!

Serious conversations...

All dressed up for the halloween ball!

Wee little guests in the pumpkin patch~

Sweet faces...

Funny faces...

Little craft journals...

Going batty!

We didn't like the little bat friend sneaking inside our house...

We LOVE that they munch on the mosquito pests!

Ooooodles of new Harvest treasures in my Etsy Shop!
Will be listing more tomorrow~

Hope your week is going great!

Friday, September 13

Owls in the pumpkin patch~

Our little owl friend has found the perfect perch!
When the moon is full and casts a soft glow across our backyard~
I know little friends gather!

Do you suppose he is chatting with a sweet little field mouse?

This is a new print from one of my original watercolor paintings!
Just added it to my 2nd Etsy shop~

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Needle Felted Kangaroo~

Finished this little friend over the weekend!
She started as a mouse...

Then she began to look like a rabbit!

When our daughter arrived home from work she said,
"Oh! What a sweet kangaroo!"

With a pouch and a tail...

And a name given from one of my Facebook friends,
(Mouse, rabbit, kangaroo)

It was "time" to play...

Mouraboo is a sweet gal with many collections...

She loves finding coral bits when the tide rolls in...

Keeps a key to my heart~

Another girl who LOVES her buttons!

My husband brought this owl home from Japan~
It fit in his suitcase perfectly!

Mouraboo is a little crafter!

She keeps a song in her pouch~

Smooth river stones...

Always take time to play!

Hope you enjoyed little kangaroos pockets of fun...
Happy Friday, Sweet Friends!

Tuesday, September 10

Little white pumpkins all in a row...

I brought these in from our garden yesterday~
Planted with seeds from a dear friend...

Hope your week is off to a beautiful start!

Friday, September 6

Harvest of New Art!

Sweet little pumpkins...

The perfect Owl perch...

Pumpkin heads!

Acorns to stash away for a mid-winter snack~

Sweet reminders of His wonderful truths~

Crisp & clear Fall skies!

The garden activity that only happens at night...

A little bit of harvest fun!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Sweet Friends!
New treasures in my Etsy Shop~

Monday, September 2

Red, White & Flow Blue

Red, White & Blue is always in style~

Happy Labor Day, Sweet Friends!
Hope your holiday has been filled with laughter, a bit of relaxation & great memories~