Thursday, January 26

Vintage linens

This is one of those linens~
I had ten different ideas for how to illustrate the empty areas!

Perhaps there was a bowl of fruit originally kept in the center area...

A pair of candle sticks... one to either side?

~ or ~

I love white on white~

No matter what condition they are in~
A soak brings out their beauty!
Wear areas are proof that they were loved and treasured.

In all the years I have been gathering linens...
I have never found two alike.
Just like snowflakes~

Thank you for stopping by, Sweet Friends!
Wishing you a wonderful weekend~

Monday, January 23

January Spring to Winter~

We have enjoyed beautifully mild weather for a couple weeks~
January thaw with a twist!

Little Chickadee is sharing some love & Mr. Woolen is sharing a few
snippets of wool to keep her nest cozy~

Hope you stay safe as winter arrives again, Friends!
Wishing you a wonderful week~

Friday, January 20

Friday, January 13

Black sheep Valentine punch needle~

"Black Sheep in the Posies"
Copyright 2017 Michelle L. Palmer

My first pattern for 2017!
A Valentine~

We have been enjoying some of the most beautiful sunrises~
Peach, salmon... hot pink... fire-tones!
Makes the studio glow so pretty.
I can't work in my studio during winter months~
Too cold.
No matter the temperature I love to spend a bit of time
out there in the mornings.
Putting together projects... sorting... organizing...

This wooly friend is sharing a bouquet of sunrise with you!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Friends!

Saturday, January 7

Tea with honey~

"Did you say honey?"

Tea and honey have helped my cough...
Fever and the flu hit me Christmas Eve.
Hearing about so many of you coming down with horrible chest colds & the flu~
Take care & add honey.
Has been nearly two weeks~ finally starting to get some energy back.

Hope you feel better soon, Friends!