Sunday, November 30

Winter Watercolors~

Hope your Thanksgiving Holiday has been filled
with wonderful memories~

Walnut ink and watercolor play...
In between special orders, holiday cooking and dressing the house!

Winter friends that have disappeared from our lawn for now...
We are enjoying a warm and sunny day!

Not a creature was stirring... 

Meadows filled with joyful conversations~

We woke to a blanket of wet snow Thanksgiving morning...
Every tree was dressed in white~
The gardens coated with shimmering layers!
While the pies were baking I sketched Queen Anne's Lace~

Wishing you a joy-filled week, Sweet Friends! 

Monday, November 10

Honoring our Veterans & their families~

~Veterans Day~
There is something so very special about those who choose to serve.
Your courage...
Your pledge...
Your hope...
Your strength and resolve...
Your commitment and willingness...
For all you have given and for all that you gave up &
to your families that stood beside you~

Remembering you!
So very grateful for your service and commitment!

Hope you have a wonderful week~