Sunday, August 27

Praying for Texas & Gulf Coast

So many treasured hearts in Texas & Gulf Coast area...
Praying that you are safe and that the rains subside quickly~

Tuesday, August 22

Echinacea~ coneflower applique

Sharing my progress!
I found the prettiest Valdani thread~
#12 pearl cotton
At first I was concerned that it would be too bold.

The colors decided they would play nice together!
I'm glad I chose a brighter, variegated, color for the flowers.
I think I will keep the greens low-key and muted.

I think it would make a beautiful fall jacket for a mouse, too~
Time will tell!

Hope your week is off to a great start, Friends!

Thursday, August 17

Wool applique August Echinacea

August Echinacea is so beautiful~
As it begins to fade & mottle it starts to resemble my watercolor palette!

 I purchased a beautiful piece of wool from Kimberley Severns
to make my very first wool applique project.

When I saw the wool on-line I thought it would make a pretty hydrangea blossom.
The piece had some deeper tones when it arrived & I immediately thought
Purple coneflowers! 

Little friend waking up on the sunny side of the day~

They fill the gardens with beauty starting late June, early July~
Soon they will lose all of their petals and American Goldfinch 
will be perched on top of them snacking on seeds!
I will leave them through early frosts & the first few snowfalls.

Swallowtails have been busy this morning...
Too busy to hold still for their portraits~

Wishing you a beautiful day, Sweet Friends~
Thank you for stopping by!

Friday, August 11

Hope your Friday is off to a sunny start, Sweet Friends!
This project was great fun... my third wool hooking project~

I was humming, "Here we go loopty loo~ here we loopty li"
the whole time I was hooking this...
Do hope a new tune comes in for the next projects planned!

I always find a favorite part in my art pieces~
Favorite wash in one area of my watercolors paintings.
Favorite 'happy accident' in my thumbnail sketch/illustration...
(So often becoming the main design!)
Favorite color combination in a punch needle piece...
How flowers cascade in one of our gardens~

The pumpkin is my favorite part of this hooked piece.
It has new wool that I dyed with a friend.
It has wool gathered from my favorite craft thrift.
Wool from an old skirt...
Wool from my mother in law that was hers & her mothers hooking wool.
Wool from my mother in law that she had procured from 
an estate sale of an elderly woman who had hooked rugs~

Loop by loop woven together!
Just like us!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Friends!

Monday, August 7

Sunflower in the pumpkin patch hooked rug~

I often spend weekends trying to catch up on special orders~
A fever decided to grab on to me so I gathered some
wool worms and passed some time with a harvest project!

I love painting, drawing, photographing, stitching, sketching... pumpkin tendrils!

Painting with wool...
I had such a great time working on the pumpkin...
Choosing my palette & adding some plaids for texture!

One of my favorite color pairs~
Yellow and blue

Hope your Monday is filled with blue skies, Friends!