Thursday, April 14

Bushels of Bunnies...

"Gratitude is when a memory is stored in
the heart and not in the mind.”

Lionel Hampton

When we watch the news there are very few
reports sharing the positive nature of people.
We are good.
We are kind and caring.
We share our hearts.
We help.
We hope.
We pray.
We give.

As I sat drawing oodles of bunnies to busy my
mind, heart and hands...
I once again witnessed what I have always
believed in and trusted~
People love.
Cancer units are difficult for me.
I don't do well with medical stuff...
God has given each of us our own strengths & talents...

I am so very grateful for the nurses, staff, technicians...
doctors... secretaries... etc. that are caring for my mom.
Everyday these AMAZING hearts walk into
offices, hospitals, hospice, exam rooms to make a difference.
They have compassion, strength and understanding... take over where family can't.
I am so very grateful for that.

I hope your day is sunny and filled with great memories!

Tuesday, April 12

Vintage~ Spring Baby Dresses...

Each little bunny with a face, personality and
loving heart of its own~

I have never had a pet rabbit... As a child, they were "wild."
As an adult, we have three cats.
Our children ask~ can we have a hamster?
"No, because of the cats"
What about a Chinchilla?
"No, because of the cats"
Maybe a rabbit?
"No, because the cats would stalk it..."

We have a bird cage... could we have a bird?
"No... because of the cats"

Perhaps someday...
When our current furry loves have gone~
I will have a bunny!
Until then, I will draw them~
Some of these little dresses are on their way home...
Others will be listed in my Etsy shop.

Hope your week is off to a fantastic start!

Friday, April 8

Prints of my Fabric Illustrations...

I hope your Friday is off to a great start!

Remember the pen and ink sketches below?
They have been colorized!
I sketched my little friends in colored pencils...
Then watercolor brushes danced about!

Limited edition prints will be available of these~
My Etsy store could use a little color!

They have made baby shower gifts a lot of fun!
 I purchase inexpensive framing materials from a
local craft store. Once I have it framed I use a small
box filled with baby socks (my type of re-usable bubble wrap)
...then wrap the entire box with receiving blankets!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, April 6

Garden Flag Winner!

Thank you for so many sweet comments!
The name selected from the goodie bucket
to win my Spring Garden Flag is...
Her blog is great fun~ Cynzplace

Pup and I picked these lawn Crocus on our morning walk.
Lawn Crocus because they refuse to grow
in my flower beds, much preferring thick green sod!
The way they lay in the ink bottles they look like hearts...

...the studio is bright and cheery this morning and
a pile of deadlines are waiting for me~
Hope your day is sunny and sweet!