Wednesday, March 30

New Giveaway & Bouncing Baby Bunnies!

A New Giveaway!

To thank you for your sweet comments...
For all that you share~
This is one of my watercolor designs on a
garden flag... size 11" x 15"
New in the package...
Just leave a quick hello on this post and
your name will be put in the basket!
Drawing this Friday... April 1st

Going to add some bunnies to my Etsy shop!
Can't stop drawing these little furry friends~

Wishing you joy!

Monday, March 28

Thursday, March 24

Spring Tote Bags...

I just brought a bowl of peels, stems and cores
to our compost pile for our wild bunny~

Perhaps a SPRING cap, scarf and mittens would have
been a better treat for our little friend!
The Robins are hoping for a quick melt~

Added some Spring totes to my Etsy store!
Vintage dresses are almost finished...
They will be pressed and photographed soon~

I leave my sketch journals open~
They're always stacked in messy piles...
Sketches, jots, ideas and notes fall out when I flip through...
This little friend was sketched while I waited in a
doctors office... on the back of an atm receipt~
His little face makes me smile!

Hope your Spring day is filled with joy~

Friday, March 18

Feathers Flying...

Mild days have warm, brisk winds whipping up
dried fall leaves from the flower gardens...
Our cats are running from window to window
trying to catch them! Knocking over everything in
their way of "the big catch!"

I took our pup outside to brush (more)
MOUNDS of hair off... I already saw a little bird
pick up a tuft of it and zip away...
Better lining their little nests than ours! (giggle)
I find some of the most beautiful little nests
on windy days... tossing across the yard like tumbleweed.
I have been promising vintage baby dresses
and linens... I must apologize...
We have had several crazy-busy weeks.
I am thankful for every crazy moment with our teens...
For I know so very soon~
They will leave the nest and there will be
plenty of empty moments and time to catch up!
I have oodles of notes to write back to, so many of
your sweet blogs to visit and catch up on...
I am hoping for studio time this weekend!
Hope your weekend is sweet, sunny and fun-filled~
Thank you for all of your comments and cheer!

Sunday, March 13

Sunday sketch and prayers...

Praying for Japan...
Praying for miracles!
Wishing you a wonderful week, sweet friends~

Friday, March 4

Treasured Friend...

The best part of blogging...
Making new friends!
Some are a few towns away, or other states...
I've met people all around the world!!!

This dear teddy belongs to my friend
Ellen (Netherlands)
She purchased this vintage dress from me
for her treasured childhood teddy-love...

Thank you for sharing a picture with me, Ellen!
I hope you will visit her beautiful blogs~
(please click on the picture or her name)

A small collection of Spring-themed
Vintage dresses are almost done!
I'll share pictures here before I list them on Etsy.

Wishing each of you friendships around the world
and a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, March 1

Dance of the Teddy Bears & Birds...

We have bright blue skies and sunshine!
I love being in my studio again~
It was an addition... a summer porch.
We converted it into a studio.
Winter winds and frigid temps. keep me
at the dining room table, living room chairs... etc.
Most of the time from December through March.
This morning, in the cool shadow of the house,
there was a little bird perched atop an icy snow pile.
Sitting very still, looking up at the larger birds...
If I could sew (and keep her) I would dress her
in a little polka dot piece...

They could have a spring fling...

Teddy friends would be invited...

Tea and seeds would be served!
My favorite soundtracks playing...
Miss Potter, Finding Jane,
Pride & Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Secret Garden...
Hope the sunshine has inspired you!