Wednesday, March 27

Spring Giveaway!

Giveaway time!!!
To thank you for your encouragement & the great comments you share!
For following along & to celebrate 2,000 sales in my Etsy shop!

Two names will be selected from my blog comments...
One name will be selected from my Facebook comments...
THREE chances to win!
One of my ORIGINAL watercolor paintings!
I LOVE original art... to hold something one of a kind in my hands~

Was such a pretty & bright day today.
Made it possible to paint for a little while... natural light is ideal.
I've been trying to let my eyes rest... doctors orders.
My little rosy cheeks, caused by Rosacea has gone into my eyes.

Started with quick sketches...
Had a few bird books nearby for color reference~
Tried to not become distracted reading about the AMAZING nests
our little feathered friends build each Spring!

Not sure that they're 100% accurate...
That's the joy of nature~ it varies!

I love putting down vibrant colors!
Nothing a little water can't calm down~

Drawing will be April 1st!
(April fools day is suppose to be fun!!)
To have a chance to win one of the two originals offered on my blog
Please leave a comment on this post!
Let me know if you follow my blog... I'll put your name in twice!
Let me know if you share my giveaway on your blog~ so I can peek!
I'll put your name in a third time!

To have a chance to win the third original watercolor...
"LIKE" my Facebook page, Michelle Palmer Artist & comment there, too.

Hope your day is sunny and sweet~
How nice it is to see the sunshine peeking through!

Tuesday, March 26

Needle Felted Ducklings~

My new little needle felted friends have been busy!

Playing games...

Planning their trip to the pond~

Our kitty noses wish they could play along...

Perhaps there is a change of plans?


They're in a "Pond of colors!"

Perched & bathing~

Some of my wool babies have made their way home
with duckling-loving friends!
There are three little dears listed in my Etsy shop~

I didn't have a chance to finish my new GIVEAWAY last night~
Alaina & I were at the hospital visiting my NEW great niece!
(She is precious!!!)
Will work on the treasures today!

Hope your day is off to a wonderful start~

Monday, March 25

Hand-carved Rubber Stamps & Giveaway!

I have enjoyed carving rubber stamps since high school...
(Over 25 years now! Yikes!)
In high school we used the hard linoleum blocks.
Today my favorite material is Speedy-Carve by Speedball.
"The pink stuff!"

I discovered a pile of rubber stamp blocks at a 2nd hand store.
In the past I have cut my own from 1" x 2" boards...
Sand the ends~
Heavy duty double sided tape keeps the stamp secure.

Most times I start my stamps with a quick sketch directly on the pink~
I left a bit of the background for an artsy look.
 For clear-edge stamps, carve your design then trim the extra.

Packaged, they make very sweet, personal & unique gifts!
Kids birthday parties, teacher gifts...
I carved a simple version of a friends new home (housewarming gift!)
and she used the stamp to make handmade  note-cards to announce her
new address & added the same stamp near her return address~

I have reached 2000+ sales in my Etsy store!!!
Celebrating with a new GIVEAWAY!!!

I will blog about it later today or tomorrow...
There will be two GIVEAWAYS!
One here on my Blog & one on my Facebook page!

Hope your week is off to a wonderful start!
Smiles to you~

Thursday, March 21

Wool bunnies to welcome Spring~

The sweetest seaside color...
Catching snowflakes on his nose today!

She is a little more "lemon-yellow" but sweet as pudding!

Mmmmm... black raspberries in a little bowl,
Sprinkle with a bit of sugar,
Cover with milk!

Three little friends encouraging me to clean my studio!
Spring cleaning...
Spring sorting...
Spring organizing...
I'd rather be felting!

These little friends are now in my Etsy store~
Keeping cozy with wool, felting ducklings & little fuzzy birds!

Stay cozy, Dear Friends~

Wednesday, March 20

Baby ducks...

All that is fuzzy...
All that is bright yellow, muted ivory, warm gray~

Bumble bee buddies...
Ducklings have the dearest little friends!

Lacy collars & little boys...

Spring hats~

The little pen and ink illustrations are heading to my Etsy store~
The warm wool is felting into the sweetest baby ducks!
Will share photos of my little fuzzy friends very soon~

Hope your day is sunny & sweet!

Spring Chick~

From my little heart to yours~
Happy Spring!

Tuesday, March 19


Spring will be very welcome this year!
(A piece from one of my watercolors...)

Do hope all are safe in these March storms...

Sunday, March 17

Needle felted wool mice...

They have their eyes, whiskers, tails, jackets & names!

Please meet Josie!
(Named by Candy)

Please meet Morris!
(Named by Betsy)

Please meet Olive~
(Named by Catherine)

Sweet little Mingle~
(Named by Jo)

Handsome little Bob!
(Named by Patti)

A cozy tangerine jacket for Squeaker!
(Named by Judy)

Sweet, sweet Milly~
(Named by Alaina)

A little lavender hat for Midge!
(Named by Ronnie)

Dear little Tipsy!
(Named by Diane)

Sweet little face of MaKenzie~
(Named by Sherrie)

All of these little friends are looking forward to traveling!

They're listed in my Etsy store...
JUST IN CASE you need another mouse in your house!

I hope their little faces bring a smile to yours~

I suppose the mice in our house watch Brady Bunch re-runs...

I like how their little tummies stick out of their jackets~

They're all tucked in for the night~
Sweet dreams to you, too Dear Friends!

Thank you for stopping by & helping me name
each of these little noses~

Friday, March 15

Needle Felted Mice...

There's a mouse in our house!
NO, WAIT! There are TEN mice in our house!!!

(There could be more... that actually have heartbeats...)
We won't go there.

My little gathering of friends~
I felted them in ten different colors; no twins in this collection!
I'm picking out eyes (aka antique shoe/boot buttons)...
Pretty sure they're going to have whiskers, too!
They must decide if they would like pale pink noses,
deep rose noses... black noses. Decisions, decisions.
Some have hinted that they would like Spring jackets~

I need ten names!

I hope you're having a creative day, too~
Thank you for sharing in my fun!