Saturday, September 26

Punch needle sunflower~

~The Sunflower~
My latest punch needle project!

My first sketches have a large star in the center of the sunflower~
As I started adding details to the petals the star seemed too prim.
This seed area is more fitting.
You will see my beginning sketch below~

I think of my punch needle works as 'painting with strings'
Same amount of detail as a watercolor painting... only with fibers!

Blue and yellow~
My most favorite pairing!

Here you can see the large star I had sketched from the beginning...

After hanging laundry on the line I walked around the bird feeders
to see if there were any feathers~
A little bit of blue!

A kiss of sunshine!

First colors being added...
Had I kept the petals simple yellow/gold~ I would have been able
to use the initial sketch with the star center.
Perhaps I will try it next time!

So many color variations~
A true palette of beauty!

Tuesday, September 22

Injured Robin~

We met this morning~
She flew into one of my studio windows.

I sat with her until she could fly again.
Making sure she was able to take as much time
as she needed without the stray cats & hawks moving in.

 Her breathing calmed & she started looking around!
I encouraged her to build her Spring nest in the backyard~

Hope you're having a wonderful day, Sweet Friends!

Tuesday, September 15

Vintage Linens...

I was in an antique shop along the Erie Canal & found a little flower linen.
It was crinkled up and browned... 
There was a 2nd one!!!!
(My little prayer was for just one more... just one more!)

As I searched the entire booth, under every blanket~
Between every table cloth and linen!
There were five!

With arms filled with various vintage treasures,
my heart skipped a beat over these!

After their gentle soak in mild laundry detergent & a dash of Oxy Clean
they were even more beautiful!

As I was pressing them the ideas were swirling in my mind!!
Should I draw top views of frogs on them (lily pads?)
Should I draw five different flowers with their botanical names?
Should I draw butterflies on them?
Should I pattern them?

Some of my favorite quotes & fuzzy bees kept coming to my heart!

These are on their way home to Nevada!
A dear heart who LOVES BEES will give them the love they deserve~

Hope your September has been off to a great start!