Saturday, December 31

Bringing in 2017

As I tucked away some treasures of Christmas and set out some old favorites
Family & Friends come to heart~

The laughter shared~
The sadness shared~
New friends to be thankful for~
Life-long friends that I continue to thank God for.

All of you that join me here & on my Facebook page~
You share your heart and lift my heart...
You encourage and support...
We exchange knowledge of materials, hobbies, interests...
Hearts come together in kindness and friendship.

Wishing you a New Year filled with joy and peace, Kind Friends!

Tuesday, December 27

Punch needle snow friends

'Woodland Snowman & Fox" copyright 2016 Michelle L. Palmer

Hope your Holiday Season has been wrapped in hugs and love, Sweet Friends!
I found myself down with a fever and flu-like symptoms~
Beginning to feel better and grateful for healing.

Two new punch needle projects to share with you~
My husband and children surprised me with toys for Christmas!
Rug hooking frame, wool cutter... hooking tools... fabric to hook on!
I have wanted to learn rug hooking for 10+ years.
A few jobs to do and then I will be able to play!

'Warm Heart Snowmen' copyright 2016 Michelle L. Palmer

In the village there is a clearing~
A small meadow where two snowmen share conversation.
Share their hearts~

Hope your Holiday Season is relaxing and filled with happiness, Friends!

Sunday, December 25

Merry Christmas, Sweet Friends!

Merry Christmas, Sweet Friends!
Wishing you a Holiday Season filled with joy and wonderful memories~

Hope your travels are safe and your heart happy~
All the best to you!

Tuesday, December 20

I have caught up on my work a little bit~
I close up business and enjoy
punch needle projects in the evenings again!

I think we have six film versions of A Christmas Carol~
We have watched two so far this season .
Bob Cratchit has the coolest old hats!
I'm sure this snow friends hat looks similar to one of them~

Another design is in my hoop~
I hope you are finding a little bit of time each day to be creative~
Wishing you a joy-filled Holiday Season!

Friday, December 16

Winter weather

From clear to blizzard conditions...
Thunder snow to sunshine~ 
Whipping winds relocating all of it!
Quick changes and treacherous roads.

So many of us seem to be in a wave of storms~
Gathering up coats, hats, scarves & mittens for shelters today.

Praying all are safe~

Hope you have a cozy & relaxing weekend, Friends!

Monday, December 5

Punch Needle Blue Christmas Santa

My heart has experienced many blue Christmas seasons~
You still have hope, joy, love...
You still share gifts and good will...
There is a longing.
Someone is missing and nothing can fill that empty spot. 

When a cardinal visits~
all dressed in red, 
there is love.
A tender moment when someone we loves comes to mind. 

How I LOVE to design, paint, collect, punch, felt etc. etc. flow blue!
No matter how blue I may feel~ it warms my heart!

l hope your Holiday Season is brimming with joy~
Filled with peace~
Touched with love~

Prayers and love to all who have heavy hearts~
You're being thought of and loved.