Wednesday, July 21

My Calendar Information...

So many FANTASTIC comments!
Thank you for sharing in my joy!!!
You've warmed my heart~

My models really do deserve a lot of credit...
Pretty feathers and chubby cheeks!

How to purchase a calendar...
Many home decor, gift shops carry Legacy products.
The link below is their web site... where you can
type your zip code in and it will give you a nearby
retailer that sells their products.
Often, smaller gift retailers cannot carry
every artist line... especially in our economy.
Maybe someday I will have a small studio
with a gift shop where I can sell products like these!
Many of you have shared that you purchased
them from Ebay, on-line calendar shops etc.

Hope all of you have a wonderful day!
Thank you... for sharing in my journey~

Tuesday, July 20

My First Calendar! Artist Samples Arrived...

One of my biggest... BIGGEST dreams~
To have a greeting card line and calendar!
The long-awaited package arrived today...
My artist samples for my very first calendar!!
I designed and painted this calendar for 2011 in 2008!

Legacy Publishing did an amazing job!
My 2012 calendar is in production right now...
I'm working on 2013 in my studio!
Thank you for letting me share my joy!
Smiles and best wishes!