Wednesday, June 25

Watercolor palette tutorial...

Every now and then I share about a new color that I have added to my palettes.
I enjoy colors...
Some palettes have very few colors & the aritsts create stunning images!

I love to share my colors...
This new palette is for our daughter who will soon leave the nest!
Start by laying the tubes near the wells...

I recorded the paint names for her on the back of the palette information sheet.
Just-in-case there is a PERFECT color for the PERFECT project &
she needs to purchase more!

I was commissioned to paint a large collection of baby-themed pieces.
Instead of trying to mix the perfect 'baby' blue...
or find the right red for a soft, pastel pink----
I purchased tubes so that I could keep the collection consistent.

My first palette was set up for landscapes with a few basic colors:
(Example) Winsor Red, Winsor Yellow, Hooker's Green,
Cobalt Blue, Indigo, Sepia, Burnt Sienna, Raw Umber.
Then I added an Cadmium orange, Sap Green, Leaf Green, French Ultramarine Blue...
Then I added Phthalo Blue, Violet, Quinacridone Gold, Green Gold etc. 

Today, my palette choices are often based on collections I am working on.
'Warm Wishes' (my latest snowman fabric collection through Red Rooster Fabrics)
had aqua backgrounds that would have been impossible for me to make 
with my very first palette colors.
I don't paint with the color directly from the tube...
I always mix something with it~

I wrote little notes on the palette images...
Please click on the photographs for a closer look~

I am often asked...
Winsor & Newton is my favorite watercolor paint.
Holbein is my 2nd favorite.

Good paint is expensive.
Permanence is very important.
Choose lightfast pigments, acid-free papers & archival storage/framing sources.

Hope your days are filled with creative!

Monday, June 23

A new red!

To paint the sweetest strawberries & cherries~
To find the exact 'red' in Americana and darling little red hearts...
I keep adding to my palette!

This new color is 'Pyrrol Crimson' from Daniel Smith.
It is a little 'cooler' than some of my reds...
The perfect touch that I often look for in the shadows!

Inspired by the season, I'm sure!

Hope your week is off to a great start, Sweet Friends~

Thursday, June 19

Patriotic Sparrow!

I met this little love in the garden this morning while I was weeding...
He sang me a beautiful song!

I came inside and sketched him...
Then I drew this!
Hope you have a song in your heart today~

Wednesday, June 18

Strawberry Patch...

Do you suppose they are sharing strawberry recipes?
The mouse looks like he's catching his breath!
That's a big berry for a wee little guy to carry all the way home~

Hope your 'strawberry season' is sweet and sunny!