Friday, December 27

Needle felted sheep...

This furry love made his way home for Christmas~
He is living in Nevada with one of my dearest friends!
Wanted to share bits of how I felted him~

I gathered wool from three New York State farmers...
It was a joy to meet them & to visit the sheep in their pastures!

It is fun to hold larger needle felted pieces... 
If I knew how to do this as a young teen my bedroom would have
quickly become over-run with wool animals!

First layer of curls...

Little color to face & ears...

Portrait with his long curls on~

Still making a few Christmas gifts for family celebrations later this month...
I invested in a few reverse/inverted barb needles.
When I work on a project with them I will share photographs!

Hope you're days are filled with wonderful~

Thursday, December 26

Pen & ink originals sharing their hearts...

I just LOVE the Christmas Season~
Yes... folks are in a hurry and traffic is crazy at times...
We do our best to hibernate!

To cozy in and spend time catching up with each other...

To touch base and reflect on memories, stories and experiences...
New friends and different paths!

Watch favorite movies that make us laugh--- again and again.
Watching movies together that require a box of tissues...

Time to remind each other~ just how much they are loved!

Little moments in nature...

Hope you are enjoying quiet moments with those you love~
Wishing you a joy-filled season!

Wednesday, December 25

Tuesday, December 24

Punch needle snowman day 2

How different he looks with a background!
I think I am going to make a round wool pillow for him...
Needle felt a related scene, pattern... texture?
Some snowflakes?
I'll share when I get to the next step...

Must find the Christmas stockings and clean up my little nest of threads!
Wishing you a day filled with JOY~

Monday, December 23

Punch Needle Snowman...

Hope each of you are enjoying this beautiful season!
Has been a very busy November/December~
Enjoying music programs... high school performances and concerts!
Senior year~ how quickly the year is passing by.

This little elf needed to start making her Christmas gifts in January!
(giggle... that never happens)
This is my first attempt at punch needle! I have such respect for artists
who use thread to paint their treasures. The hours and hours put into works!

I put the hoop on & started my snow friend with a quick pencil sketch.
Such fun to bring my little friends to life in watercolor, pen & ink,
needle felted wool, paper mache, clay... carved wood... etc.
I have wanted to try punch needle & rug hooking for years!
SO GLAD I finally built up the courage to try~
LOVE the look!
It is always fun to make treasures that can be 'touched!'

A few more sections to finish on the scarf...
Then I need to decide on background colors!
Such decisions :)

Time to make a batch of cookies & some Chex Mix!

Hope your Christmas Season is filled with JOY and LOVE~

Tuesday, December 10

Original watercolors to celebrate all of this snow!

This little bashful elephant would like to share a little sprig of mistletoe~

Little owl has his wings on his hips declaring, "I'm king of the mountain!"

On the most blustery days... brilliant red Cardinals show up at the feeders
appearing like a bright tail light!

Sweet, vintage tones on this meadow friend...

Meadow visits...

I think this little Cardinal is going to try for king of the mountain!
Look out, little owl!

Do hope you are safe and warm, Sweet Friends!

Sunday, December 8

Cardinals winter snack...

Baby it's cold outside~
Keeping the feeders full for our feathered friends!
This friendly pair are 'December' in one of my calendars~

Do hope all are well and safe through these wintry storms!
Wishing you a day that is filled with wonderful~