Tuesday, April 29

Praying you're safe~

Praying for all in the Midwest and South as these storms move through~

Praying these storms will weaken...
Praying you all stay safe~

Thinking of you, Dear Friends!

Wednesday, April 16

Snowman fabric collection "Warm Wishes"~

Now shipping to fabric stores, quilt shops...
"Warm Wishes" by Michelle Palmer

How I LOVE working with Red Rooster Fabrics!
They bring my paintings & designs to their beautiful fabrics~
These images are from the Warm Wishes panel!

My palette was inspired by vintage Christmas ornaments~

The panel can be viewed on Red Rooster Fabrics site:

More of the collection...

Makes my heart smile!
Thank you, Red Rooster Fabrics for another WONDERFUL collection~

Please share photographs of your "Warm Wishes" projects!
It is ALWAYS a joy to see what you make~

Hope your week is going great!

Tuesday, April 8

Wasp Nest~

The remaining piece of our large wasp nest fell sometime in the night~
I was out gathering it up in between raindrops!

Absolutely amazing...

Built in tiers...
Layer after layer of perfect construction.
My husband always says, "Measure twice, cut once..." 
These winged friends do not carry a ruler~

Safe inside an over-sized storage bag~
Just in case there are sleeping wings still inside...
Not sure anything could still be alive after our long-frigid-winter!

A photo from last Fall...
Once the leaf canopy was gone the rain, frost, ice & snow
began wearing it down little by little.
With nobody home to keep it in tip-top shape it began to wither away.

Wonder if they will return soon?
Last year they were in a tree next door~

Hope your week is off to a great start!