Saturday, March 28

Spring Sale Etsy Shop!


Sale in my ETSY shop!
Original quality...but running out of room!

Sales are soooo much fun!

Friday, March 27

Pocket Full of Sunshine...

Every walk along the Erie Canal...
Every stroll down country roads...
Hoofin' it through pastures...
Weaving through forests...


The above shells are store-bought...

But the blue chips are from our gardens...
It's like finding a diamond!

Corals bits are from Buffy in FL or our
wonderful trip to NC...
Mmmmm....the ocean~

Backyard treasures...

Butterflies found on the side of the road...

We won't think of fall right now....

Boxes, bins...bits n' pieces stuffed in pockets~

Hives from a neighbors storage shed...
Feathers from the ground around the feeders...

People would come in our house & say,
"The horseshoe has to aim up!"
We'd change it...
Others came in,
"The shoe has to face down!"
Ugh...we fixed of each~ :)

Sweet nests...

You can only imagine what's in these boxes...

And more....


Take a walk...but don't come home with empty pockets~
Hope your day is treasure-filled!

Tuesday, March 24

Playful Paintings...

Some fun bits n' pieces to show you...

Sweet little friends that appear in my day...

Stopping by to say hello!
So glad spring has arrived...warmer days ahead~

Monday, March 23


Our nests may vary...

"While the spirit of neighborliness
was important on the frontier
because neighbors were so few,
it is even more important now
because our neighbors are so many."
~Lady Bird Johnson

"The impersonal hand of
can never replace
the helping hand
of a neighbor."

~Hubert H. Humphrey

Thursday, March 19

Unfolding Happiness...

"The art of being happy
lies in the power of
extracting happiness from
common things."

Henry Ward Beecher

Tuesday, March 17

Happy St. Patrick's Day...

Copyright Michelle L. Palmer

My sweet little friend Kipper is sharing wishes
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I finished needle felting him Sunday afternoon.
He's huge!
Zillions of needle pushes...

Kitty whiskers brighten his sweet face.
His eyes are old shoe buttons...
100% wool & little Alpaca.
The buttons on his woolen jacket are old, too!

I want to put him on Etsy but hubby & teens
are hopeful he'll be adopted by us!

Hope your day is fun & wonderful~

Sunday, March 15

What Spring Holds...

"As a single footstep will not make
a path on earth,
so a single thought will not make
a pathway to the mind.
To make a deep physical path,
we walk again and again.
To make a deep mental path,
we must think over and over
the kinds of thoughts
we wish to dominate our lives"

Henry David Thoreau

These beauties are several weeks away...
Last year they were so full & fragrant~

Hope you have a wonderful week!

Friday, March 13

Tags...Afternoon Cut & Paste...

One of a kind tags...

Just finished 25 gift tags...
I like to include a few with all of my Etsy purchases.

Original illustrations from vintage books...

When I send a wool felted piece out~
they have a handwritten tag...with my signature.

I use the original page because most of the
books are copyright protected...

Some of the antique papers that I used
were copied~ they're pre-1900's and very brittle.

Sweet pup!
That's the basket I would have selected!!!
LOVE Forget-Me-Nots

Happy Friday!

Spring Willow...

Spring flurries have covered the ground...
took pup for a walk...burrrrrr.

Took these photos this morning...
Will cut several branches this weekend &
have them open inside~

Hope you have a wonderful weekend...

Thursday, March 12

Thursday Already?

Two new cover samples arrived this week!
The Country Register
They look sweet~
Watch for your copy never know
which artists work will be on the cover!

I LOVE being an artist & painting anything
that comes to mind...traditional,!
You name art agent finds a company
to pair it with! They do the hard work...
I have FUN!
(Just joking! Anyone in licensing knows our job isn't easy)

Have been working on several new images~
I'll share a few "peeks" on my side bar...
Several artist friends have had their designs
ripped off-stolen-copied-saved to files etc. it is advised that when we blog
we do so with caution for design theft.

I like to share images...snippets are fun, too!
Hope you enjoy them...
Hope your day is wonderful!

Monday, March 9

Twin Chicks! Cheek to Cheek!

"Twin Chicks~ Cheek to Cheek"
Copyright Michelle L. Palmer

More sweet faces available from my Etsy shop....

Cup of Sunshine...Lucy!

"Sweet Lucy~ Cup of Sunshine"
Copyright Michelle L. Palmer

When I opened the package of yellow wool...
I saw so many sweet little faces!
This is the first in a series I've named
"Cup of Sunshine!"
She's in my Etsy shop...
The cup is a free gift~ makes such a sweet gift wrap!

The Red Wing Blackbirds Have Arrived...

Image from

Click on the bird to learn more about them...

Their sweet, sweet song has made our day!
A sure sign of SPRING~
Several of them are gathering on the ground
beneath our bird feeders...

Now we begin to watch for Robin red-breast!
We saw a few of them in late December!!!
I'm sure they're here~
We just haven't gotten a peek at one.

Sunday, March 8

Guess What Color Wool I Received?


These were photos taken last spring...
During these dull brown times
I'll share some of my favorites!

I LOVE to take drives/photo shoots when the
Forsythia is in full bloom.
All is still basically bare...
then suddenly a bright yellow tuft of joy!

Even on dull rainy days...these brighten the back yard!

Friday, March 6

Spring Gifts...

"Where man sees but
withered leaves,

God sees sweet flowers growing."

Albert Laighton

This is one tuft of daffodils that I enjoy each spring.
The bulb-eating-critters manage to leave
me a small bouquet~ to which I'm thankful.

It is covered with a 3" layer of neighboring leaves
that make their blanket from strong winter winds...
I will wait 'til the third week of March
to remove the leaf covering...
Sweet little sprouts will be starting
their push through by then...

Hope you're all having a beautiful day!

Thursday, March 5

To Be Here Soon...

"Only with Winter-patience
can we bring the deep desired,
Long-awaited Spring."

Anne Morrow Lindbergh

This morning while pup & I were walking
I noticed little tufts of fuzz blossoms
beginning to break through on my
Pussy Willow tree.

This weekend we're expecting rain and
low to mid 50's!
That is shorts weather in Upstate NY!
The remaining snow mounds may melt away
so our new season can begin...

I've been busy in my studio...
The sunlight is warming.
The birds are cheery & busy.
Spring is to be here soon!

Tuesday, March 3

Michelle Scissors-Hand...

When I mentioned that I liked old papers...
I should have said LOVED!

Forget Me Nots are my FAVORITES....

Some of the images are from 1870's!
I've been finding things dated 1840's in the piles!

The originals are too fragile to use.
I had to make copies...
Now I get to cut them all out!

So many little time!

For now the needle felts are waiting for
my chick yellow to arrive.
This mound will take me a few evenings to trim.

What fun! Every time I look at an image
I find it even more beautiful...