Sunday, June 30

Patriotic vintage post card tutorial

A Facebook friend asked if I would share a post card painting
Step by step... I want to share with you, too!

I do not paint directly on my vintage/antique papers.
I scan them into my computer & print them onto card stock or
80 lb. watercolor paper. I also have color copies made onto these papers.
If you could try both ways... they have unique results.

Leaving the white of the paper for the stars & white stripes...

Once my colors are down I like to add a natural tone to antique it~

My first ink in this piece is Nut Brown from Winsor & Newton~

Allow to dry completely...

Add black ink to finish the fine details of the nest~

While allowing to dry completely... pick out the perfect stamps!
I find bags of used/canceled stamps at antique stores.

Once your artwork is completely dry you can lay it face down
onto a clean, dry towel & press it on low heat.

Red, white & blue stamps... 
Old & worn~ they had brought a note to somebody years ago!

Curious toes!
Tippy boy finds me semi-entertaining...
As much as humans can be to fancy cats~ 

Wishing you a safe 4th of July holiday, Sweet Friends!

Friday, June 28

Garden Peony prints~

Hello, Sweet Friends!
I hope you're having a wonderful day~

We are very soggy once again...
The rains have our flowers drenched & laying on the ground.

The Peonies were so very beautiful this year~
Just added these two prints to my 2nd Etsy shop!

I scan the vintage post cards & bill heads into my computer.
The originals are kept safe & restored.
I print the vintage images onto watercolor paper & then paint!

Thank you for all of your sweet comments & visiting here~
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, June 27

Fabric Illustrations~

Hope your morning is off to a wonderful start!
We have sweet sunshine & birds fussing at the feeders~

On my desk this morning...
Oodles of pen & ink illustrations to package & list for Etsy!

Smiles to you, Sweet Friends!

Tuesday, June 25

Art prints as artsy frames...

I have been adding new prints & original art to my 2nd Etsy Shop~
This new print is a lot of fun!

The little wren is happily perched on a vintage style tag!
The tag is printed from one of my antique ephemera files...
I cut the ephemera in the shape I wanted, punched a hole &
with watercolor aged the edges & painted a salmon-tone hole enforcer.

I like these vintage-style photo corners...
Most craft stores carry them~ sometimes they are in the fine art area.

One example of how you can "add" to my Wren print~
I found a vintage photograph of the dearest baby!
You could add graduation name cards, a little poem...
A sweet stitched piece...
A little love note~

I love vintage treasures~

A finished piece, ready to frame~

Another print I will add to my shop soon!

Hope your day is filled with fun and creative projects~
If the rain stays away I have squash to plant!

Monday, June 24

Summer Bee

Just look at his little legs!
There are those days when each step seems to be a struggle~
This little guy is carrying precious cargo.
His load heavy...
He is so strong!

My favorite~
"In his heart a man plans his course,
but the Lord determines his steps."
Proverbs 16:9

In my garden this morning, inspiration through this sweet bee!
Keep going~
No matter how small the steps... 
Keep moving forward!

Hope you have a wonderful week, Dear Friends!

Friday, June 21

Vintage Teddy Bears...

Teddy friends have been a favorite to paint since I was in college.
They sit in the studio alongside my needle felts and
line our mantel at Christmastime. 
They are good sports, willing to sit & pose for various photo references...
Kind enough to wear a pin that I have made~
Content to display a bunting of my pen & inks!

These two prints are made from my original watercolors.

They are sweet baby shower gifts~ 
I always try to purchase receiving blankets from the shower registry.
I place the print inside a shirt box, protect it with tissue paper &
Wrap the box with the receiving blanket!
Sweet & unique~

Hope your Friday is off to a great start, Sweet Friends!

Thursday, June 20

Outside My Window 2014

Artist samples have arrived!
"Outside My Window" 2014 wall calendar featuring my watercolor paintings~
~Legacy Publishing Group... such nice quality calendars!

The sun is streaming through my studio windows...

A peek at some of the months~

Feathers and flowers...

Hope you're having a wonderful day, Sweet Friends!

Wednesday, June 19

"The Girls"

"The Girls" were very kind and shared their pasture with me...
They allowed me to splash around in the creek bed while they
took a drink and cooled off their toes~

They have the longest eyelashes... the softest noses~
Never seem to be in a hurry...
Always curious as to what I was up to!

Tender memories of my childhood~
Prints of "The Girls" are in my 2nd Etsy Shop!

Congratulations to Harriet Hicks!
Your name was pulled from the bucket for our latest giveaway~
Another giveaway coming soon...
Thank you for so many wonderful comments, Sweet Friends!

Hope your day is sunny and sweet!

Tuesday, June 18

Giveaway Time!

Giveaway time!
Greeting cards featuring my watercolor images~
Collection of ten cards.

Most of these cards are designed using my calendar images~
Another beautiful product from Legacy Publishing Group!

I added a tiny signature near my name on the back of each card~

Please leave a comment here sharing your favorite occasion to
give a card & your name will be put in the bucket to win these!
This giveaway is also posted on my Facebook page~
If you comment there, your name will be put in a 2nd time!

Hope your day is off to a wonderful start!

Monday, June 17

Mice & baby birds...

Kneeling in my garden & a little mouse skittles past me...
I'm sure she was catching up with a fuzzy friend to talk about their day!

Beautiful starlit skies~

Just listed these new pen & ink illustrations in my Etsy shop~

I think it would be grand to sing with a Sparrow & a mouse~

Baby birds seem to peek out from every hedgerow & shrub~

Their little voices so tiny... but loud enough to call for a snack!

My cup does overflow~ with love... with joy... with His blessings!

There was a sweet little stitched poem on my childhood bedroom wall.
I would only read the first line... night after night~
Then I would fall asleep while saying my bedtime prayers.

Wishing you sweet dreams!
Thank you for visiting my blog and so many sweet comments~

Sunday, June 16

Happy Father's Day~

Wishing all dads and those who fill that important place in hearts~
A WONDERFUL Father's Day!

Saturday, June 15

Mouse & Bee~

"Tell me about your morning, Love~"

We all know they have conversations...
I'm sure her little bee friend is sharing where the brightest flowers are!
Then he tells her where the strawberries are the ripest~

Mmmmm... hope you can find a bucket for some fresh berries!