Tuesday, July 26

Simple joys...

A wee little Monarch...

Busy as a bee...

The Ladybug pictures are blurry...

This patch of weeds is the place to be!
We allow it to take over one side of our garage...
Our own little Monarch Village!

Hope your day is sunny and sweet~

Monday, July 25

Loads of Fabric Originals...

Our Crow friends are hoping for a rain puddle!
The storms and rains are all around us... nothing here~

This post is filled with new art treasures!
I had fun photographing them... I have not seen
the little bear faces and buzzing bees for weeks!
These are waiting room pass-times~

Honey Bees were enjoying our Milkweed blossoms...
I even found a wee baby Monarch caterpillar!

I never made it to the fields to pick strawberries...
They will taste twice as good next year!

Ooodles of bear hugs...

More beary~loving hugs!

The bears and bees will have Vegetable Ivory buttons
included with my little gift tags~ a way to say Thank You!
A little something different... I love the warm colors!

Hope you will visit my Etsy Store to find
these treasures and more!
I'm on my way to list them now!

Wishing you all the best, Sweet Friends~

Sunday, July 24

He knew...

When I was away, daytime would roll into the wee hours
of nighttime without much notice.
The hum of moms air conditioner replaced the sounds of
my feathered friends who wake me in the morning~

I read a scripture that caught my heart.

"The Lord is my strength and my shield;
my heart trusts in Him, and I am helped..."
Psalm 28:7

That afternoon I set out for my new palette~
This expense was not in my budget.
I gathered a hand full of tubes, just the basics...
Trying to think quickly, so the attendant could lock the case!
As I started down the isle a woman touched my arm
and asked if I had the coupon. I smiled and said no...
She sorted through a small collection of papers and
handed me a coupon. It wasn't a typical 40% one item...
It was 40% off your ENTIRE paint purchase!
I choked up!
Gave the woman a hug!
The kind woman asked if painting was a way to relax.
I tried to explain briefly about my projects & deadlines~
That I was visiting from out of town...
It is difficult to describe my job in one sentence.
When you share that you're a professional artist
some people nod and smile...
Others laugh and comment, "Aren't we all..."
Others are intrigued.
This woman was genuinely interested...
So I shared.
She was very kind. We talked for 15 minutes or more.
The scripture floated through my mind as we wished
each other a pleasant day...
I was helped.
God knew my needs.

I couldn't forget the woman.
I trotted back into the store to see if I could find her.
She hadn't left! I asked if she would permit me to send
her a small gift~ to thank her for the $50 she saved me!
Not sure I would hand out my address to an odd duck...
She did!
I think a mini 2012 calendar might be the perfect gift~
I hope she will be reminded of how much she
touched my heart... each time she peeks at the date!

Thank you, Sweet Friends... for so many uplifting
comments and for all of your prayers~
The world is good.
People are good.
God is so very good.

Hope your day is filled with  joy and love~

Wednesday, July 20

Winner and Make-do Palette...

Last night I returned home...
My mom has been fighting stage 4 breast cancer for
almost four years now. I have been out of town caring
for her after she suffered a Pulmonary embolism.
She lives in the city... a pleasant place to visit~
However I am a country girl and there is no place like home.
I think my flowers all waved to me when I drove in!

We have a winner!
The little vintage dress has been waiting patiently
for my return... eager to find a lovely new home!
Do hope you will visit Megan's blog~ a treat!

I knew this trip might keep me away for a while.
I thought to pack folders of reference material,
Several sketch diaries, pens, fabric squares, ink,
watercolor paper, triangle... ruler... but forgot the palette.

That is an expensive tool to replace...
As time passed and deadlines grew near, paint was needed.
While mom was napping I set out to pick up her meds.,
a few groceries and make a quick trip to the art store.
The palettes were all plastic.
You can see from the first image, my main palettes are
well worn, loved, messy... plastic. It takes time to break
in the plastic surface where I mix the pigments. I was hoping
to find an enamel tray or ceramic plate. Nothing.

I gathered a basic collection of Winsor & Newton tubes...
They had most of my favorites: Perm. Alizarin Crimson,
Cadmium Orange, Quinacridone Gold, Winsor Yellow,
Green Gold, Hooker's Green, Cerulean Blue,
French Ultramarine, Indigo and Sepia...
...and I needed basic brushes 6 round, 4 round,
a flat and a liner... I added a few extras for good measure!
But what to put them on?
An antique store... maybe they would have an enamelware
plate or old butcher tray! I only knew of one store...
The perfect palette was found!
The cover to this little container has a troth around the rim...
Held the paint away from the water & mixing area~

Mom is very weak but stable~
Can never express exactly how much I LOVE nurses.
They work wonders and their compassionate hearts
are a gift from God.

Wishing you  joy, Sweet Friends!
I will blog when I can~ always thinking of you!